Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Chance Reward

I've been trying to figure out how to write this post for a few days now

trying to find the "slant", as if I was a reporter or something
 the story is too broad, has too many angles, and I know if I had an editor they would be asking me what it is I'm trying to say

whenever I can't figure something out, I write

writing always makes my thoughts come together; loosely at first, but as I go, clarity creeps in and my thoughts and words become tighter and tighter and after a few paragraphs, the story emerges


I met someone

nothing odd about that really - except that I met someone on purpose who I discovered accidentally...
and it was marvelous

when we were invited to the wedding in California I got out the map, as I always do before a road trip, and looked to see where we were going and how we would get there, and I realized we would be passing very closely to where a favourite blogger of mine lived

I took a deep breath, emailed her and told her what we were up to, wondering if she might like to meet
 some of the best things in life happen when you take a chance, and we took a chance on each other

Sherry and I
Sherry not only wanted to meet, she and Mr. C very graciously opened their home to us, with the most amazing welcome ever
we had a wonderful time with them, touring their town, and their neighbourhood, enjoying their piece of heaven on earth

when you discover someone through their blog, all you really know about them is what they choose to tell you - no intuition from body language, no context, just words and photos that, although they can tell you much, they aren't the whole story

so meeting up is a true leap of faith and trust

I'm so glad we both took that leap!

Sherry is every bit as delightful in person as she is on her blog and within minutes the online Sherry and the person merged together, and she was a true friend

we talked

we talked of new things, we had extensions of conversations we have had back and forth through email, and I was able to see in person, the places and things she has written of over the years

Sherry's book
we even got down to brass tacks in her studio and I shared what I know of book binding and Sherry made a book of her own

 I love the fabric she ended up using 
( this isn't the first one she chose -  I loved that one so much she gave it to me!)

I showed her how to make the covers and the signatures 
(I brought special papers to share with her, and she shared some of her special ones right back)

we had such a special, wonderful morning in her studio - one I will never forget as we shared stories, laughter, creativity and knowledge, and it was easy
Sherry is one of the most creative, caring and sharing people I have ever met and it was such a joy to be able to spend time with her
lucky, lucky me

but the story doesn't end there....

it's one thing for us bloggers to connect on line, share stories and ideas, hopes and ideals, and want to cement an online friendship with a meeting in person...

it's an entirely different thing when we involve our husbands!

when I first spun the idea of stopping there by Marc he was willing, surprised a little, but willing all the same
he did ask what I thought he would do while we were there
I believe he said something along the lines of "So will I just hang out with her husband, is that how it works? Or should I take a book?"

I told him he could bring a book if he wanted, but that I had a vague recollection of a blog post Sherry did sometime ago about Mr. C and his talents with automobiles.... and that they just might have something in common...and they did!

so much so in fact, that I never saw hide nor hair of him after dinner, or the next morning

Mr. C not only showed him the ins and outs of his garage and what he does, but the next morning, took him on a tour that began with breakfast with about 18-20 car enthusiasts, and continued on with visits to a few of their garages and workshops.

all he could say, over and over, for days was "wow!"
  he was amazed by the generosity of spirit that Mr. C showed him in sharing all of the above, including a ride around in his special car

and so we both have special memories of a wonderful thing that happened when two bloggers took a chance on each other

 the visit didn't end with us thinking that if they ever came our way we would love to welcome them as well, but that we dearly hope they will come our way someday...

thank you so much Sherry and Mr. C!


Createology said...

Oh Jillayne Dear this is such a beautiful post. Mr. C and I were indeed the lucky ones to be able to spend a little time with you and Marc. You are welcome here any time you travel south...and who knows but we just might make it north. Great photo of the two of us. Thank you for allowing both of us to "take a chance". Hugs to you and Marc.

Createology said...

P.S. I totally forgot to mention how grateful I am for you sharing your bookmaking skills with me and helping me to make my very own fabulous book with the button and charms binding. Thank You!!!

Melanie said...

What a wonderful story.Isn't it nice making new

Diane Kelsey said...

What a wonderful story, made extra special by your husband forming a bond too!

Mosaic Magpie said...

It is a wonderful thing when 2 hearts meet and have something special to share, but when the hubbies form a bond too, then it truly was a match made in blogland heaven. Both you and Sherry are such sharing, friendly people it is no wonder you had a marvelous time together! Now if you are ever in Kentucky.....

Dorthe said...

Dear Jillayne,
I am alwayes a shy one,- and would maybe never have asked ,-and then also not experiensed such a beautiful day, with some great people. You have teatched me something, and next time, I will be braver, when having the chance.
I`m hapy for you and Sherry that you could share such great hours together.
Hugs, to you dear.
xx Dorthe

Marj Talbot said...

That is a wonderful story. Good on you for taking the first step and not just driving by. There are many corners of the world where there are no strangers - just friends that you haven't met yet.
Thanks for sharing this beautiful story.

The French Bear said...

I love it!!!! That is so awesome, how great for all of you!
Those are very beautiful journals, wow, what fun!
Now remember....I am always down south at Out of Hand taking classes or visiting family so we can meet if you happen to be there!!! Of should you ever come this way, I would love to meet up......and I am sure the Dutchman would agree with me!

elle said...

I've popped over from Sherry's and she is definitely a dear. How cool that you spent time together. You have confirmed my idea for a journal Sherry sent me. Blog friends are very special! BTW, maybe we can get Sherry and Mr. C to take a big road trip! ;^) elle from the prairies

Suztats said...

You and Sherry are both such caring and creative people that it's no wonder you had a fabulous time together!
Thank you for the reminder to take chances when opportunities present themselves........

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Get out! How cool is that! fair. You need to come to NC! ;)
Really though I think it's so great.

Tanya said...

It's a lucky summer for you, all the way, around - glad you girls got to meet - isn't it amazing that you can fall into a comfortable friendship so easily, with the right person you've met through blogging, etc. You just "know"...keep up the lucky streak, girl! Tanya