Monday, June 4, 2012

walk softly

a present arrived the other day


all tied up with a pretty bow

 presents from Dorthe of Den Lille Lade
Dorthe and I have long sent little gifts back and forth across the pond, but I wasn't expecting what arrived in my mailbox the other day, and was delivered straight to my heart

this charming angel, simply dressed with quiet grace,
cradling a beautiful heart in her arms

 specially crafted in Dorthe's unique style
 the lace is perfect, with nothing to detract from it's graceful beauty - no frills, flounces or frippery

and the sweetest little brown boots, laced from top to bottom

she's lovely in shades of brown, tan and cream

heavenly delight!

as I was oohing and aahing I couldn't help but notice how it was the absence of embellishment that enhanced her.`

it's easy enough to add pretty, sparkly things - they can take a creation that borders on boredom and make it scrumptious

and it's refreshing to discover something that hasn't been mussed and fussed with 
to the point of distraction.

Dorthe's angel embodies that for me; each time I look at her I marvel at it - 
she walks softly on my heart

simple: free from guile, free from vanity, free from ostentation

simple is my word for June

(Dorthe also sent one of her driftwood collages but I'll save that for another post) 



suziqu's thread works said...

I can see why this little Dorthe doll walks softly upon your heart - she's graceful, simple with no airs as she wears her heart for the whole world to see like her creator.
Enjoy this most beautiful gift!
She is a darling!
Hugs from windy and blustery downunder,

FlowerLady said...

Your angel is certainly beautiful. I loved the definition of simple, so perfect for this lovely creation.


Marj Talbot said...

what a lovely gift - true beauty - a heart for the biggest of hearts -
simple simplicity

Thanks for sharing.

KW said...

This beautiful angel moved me to tears........

Createology said...

Dorthe is very special and all she creates is from her heart. This angel is precious and I am so happy that you are now able to enjoy her. Your description is lovely. Blissful dear...

Mosaic Magpie said...

What a truly special angel from an angel! Dorthe's angels and fairies are always so unique but this one is really just like you.
Simply Elegant! I can see that Dorthe had you on her heart as she created it.

Michelle May said...

Oh my gosh is she ever beautiful!

Monica said...

Love Dorthe's angel... the care and love she put into it show off.
Simplicity, one of the best words ever to my ears!

Becca said...

Oh my gosh! You lucky girl! Dorthe is very sweet, and that angel is beautiful!

Suztats said...

Sometimes it's the simplest things that speak to the heart. No wonder you love your new angel- on her wings is a little magic dust!