Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Somethings to Crow About

hello out there!

sometimes I wonder if you're all still there, or if you've given up on me, thanks to my sporadic posting of late.... sigh....busy, busy days...
my list is getting shorter though and I have only two "have to do"s left

my other list, the "want to do"s is getting awfully long and I have finally taken to writing things down (now that I am learning to sketch!) in the hopes the ideas can be saved until there's a little more time

in the meanwhile, here's a look at what's been keeping me occupied lately...

Deb of The Mosaic Magpie and I decided a while back to do a little swap, just between us

I was admiring her wonderful pebbles, and she was admiring my "Frothy" book....
so we agreed I would a book for her and she would make a pebble for me

her book is on it's way
so now I can give a sneak peek

except what you're seeing is mostly photographs of a book I made for myself!

i found out early on in meeting Deb that she also had a "thing" for Coco Chanel
which became the theme for the book I wanted to make her
and I thought it would be nice to make one for each of us; twins, but not identical

the fabric on the front cover is fringed in deference to the fringe on Chanel's iconic jackets

the spine detail features a vintage French key,  vintage sewing notions, pearl buttons and vintage crystal buttons, all relating to garments

Chanel and her pearls, 
with some other bling for good measure

did you know she was the first to combine gems with costume jewelery to create stunning, affordable necklaces, bracelets and earrings?

the first to offer a gift with purchase?
 (Chanel No. 5 parfum vials to regular customers before the perfume was available for sale)

papers in black, pink, grey, taupe
vintage laces
plaster pages

vintage French woven ribbon

and lots more!

so this is my book - Deb, yours is on it's way!

speaking of mail, I was the lucky recipient of a little package from Sherry at Creatology

she made a little heart like the ones I showed several posts back
except Sherry made it smaller still and I am loving this tiny size

and it's filled with the heavenly scent of lavender

and several weeks ago, I won a collage from Suzy at Suziqu's Threadworks


beautifully wrapped

i love, love, love this doily!

Suzy used the same image on the card as she did on the collage

I've never seen anything like this - so beautiful, and rich in detail
Suzy is a master at this, just look at her blog and you will see...

"embrace love"

Suzy, it's simply beautiful and I love it.
Thank you for such a generous gift!

the last thing I have to crow about is crows

today I was going to my favourite antique shop in search of a wooden box
when, walking down the alley, I felt something hit me on my shoulder
I thought it was a June bug or something and when I reached up to crush it off....
no bug...

the nasty crow pooped on me!
I looked up and there he was, perched on the wire, squawking and fussing,
while down below I took care of the fuming
bloody bird!
I did find a wooden cigar box just the right size - Thursday I'll be back to show you what I did with it


Createology said...

Your handmade book is such a treasure. To know you personalized it to Deb's love of Coco Channel is really thoughtful. The fabric collage from Suz is fabulous. I was so grateful for you sharing that simple heart sachet it was the least I could do to make one for you and send it along. Me and my creative muse are very blessed to share your friendship. Creative Hugs Dear...

Tina @ TinyBear Studio said...

That looks like a wonderful swap Jillayne - love your books too. This one is very pretty.

I hope you get to your 'want to do' list soon - those are definitely the most fun to do.

suziqu's thread works said...

What a wonderful swap with Deb.
She will be so thrilled to receive your gorgeous plaster journal designed especially to her taste. The binding is beautiful with all the beads, buttons and bling!
Love Sherry's version of your heart pattern with the beautiful printed fabric.
Thank you so very much for sharing my gift to you that you won in my Giveaway. It is my absolute pleasure Jillayne and I hope it gives you much pleasure.
Watch out for the crows now won't you?
Very warm wishes,

FlowerLady said...

What a beauty your handmade book is! Creations like these almost make me want to weep from their sheer beauty and femininity. I have tried to find online how to go about making one and have only found how to make fabric covered journals, not these fabulous beauties that you ladies create.

Happy Creating ~ FlowerLady

Marj Talbot said...

What a real gift - the gift of sharing. The book, collage, heart, all unique in their own way and all so beautiful and full of friendship.
Definitly something to be thankful for.
Oh yes, lesson of the day - when looking upward, be sure to keep your mouth shut.

Marj Talbot said...
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Dorthe said...

Dearest Jillayne,
I just saw your beautiful pbeble at Deb`s blog -and the book for Deb is so beautiful as well. I love the papers you used, and your gorgeous binding- Love all the meaning in this book about C.C . she was a fantastic buisiness woman.Your book is so elegant and lovely.
And such wonderful gifts from dear Suzy and Sherry. So generous both-
About the bird- remember it means LUCK-(well here in DK) even it is not what one feels getting hit by that kind of thing!!!
Love and hugs to you, my friend.

Alisa Noble said...

Ack! The fabric on your book!! I think I just drooled a little... fabric does that to me sometimes.

Michelle May said...

Your book is just sooooooo gorgeous and how fabulous are all of these swaps and prizes! Woo hoo!

JennyPennyPoppy said...

I just followed Deb's link from her blog to yours and you have an absolutely delightful blog. What a truly beautiful treasure you have made for Deb! All of your pictures are lovely as well and very nicely done :)

Suztats said...

Jillayne, how wonderful to create from the heart for a friend, and make a unique gift for each other to treasure. I've just seen pics on Deb's blog, and the book you made her is gorgeous! I've seen pics of the pebble that's on its way to you.... it's beautiful. Happy swapping!

Anonymous said...

jillayne, what pretties!! But a not-so-pretty crow giftie! I've had the unfortunate experience with pigeons and seagulls! Ick! Sort of Henny Penny's version of "The Sky is Falling".

Love the little book, the fabric and all of the embellishments. You DO know how to make books, my friend!

Now...waiting to see what you make with those beautiful feathered wings!

I too have been absent from my blog and visiting. Must work when the assignments come my way.

Have a Happy Sunday!

XO Diane