Monday, January 16, 2012

Fabric & Thread

Off today, and into the sewing room I went...
coffee in hand while the snow whirled and swirled outside

My fabric piles have been distracting me of late, and I waffle between groaning over how much there is and being entranced by all the colour, pattern and texture calling out...

there is an oriental print at the shop that has been there for a couple of years - black with little pink and white cherry blossoms interspersed with circles filled with oriental motifs...

a very interesting piece of cloth
 every time someone brought it to the counter I would wish I could think of something to do with it

finally one day I put myself out of my misery and bought some

and today I started a little quilt with it

the blocks are all finished and laid out on the floor so I can think about a border... so far I'm lovin' it

and I've been meaning to tell you - 
remember last summer I told you about our little Miss Josie cat and how the vet had diagnosed her with acute renal failure?

she weighed about 2.2 kilos (under 5 lbs) was desperately thin, and while her blood work showed the kidneys weren't functioning properly, it seems renal failure wasn't the problem. 

We have no idea what was wrong with her (worms or some kind of bird flu have both been tossed around) but with a huge effort of feeding and hydrating her, I am pleased to say Mistress Josy-phine is now weighing in at a healthy 3.9 kilos and has a lovely round belly!

and has taken to playing in the bathtub at all hours of the night!
she takes her little cat toys in and tosses them all about and wakes up the whole house

the other night Bozzy went in and howled something fierce at her...

and I bet it wasn't "hush"!


MosaicMagpie said...

Well I am glad Josie has seemed to have made a full recovery! Our little furry children can worry us as much as our natural children. The quilt is lovely and I like the fabric you choose to go with the Asian fabric.

suziqu's thread works said...

I am so glad to hear that your Josy-phine has come good again! That is a real relief!
Oh and yes I know what it is like when you just have to find an excuse to buy that special fabric that you have fallen in love with.
Your quilt has come together beautifully!
x Suzy

Tina Eudora said...

Jillayne that quilt is gorgeous and the fabric combinations are perfect! That is always the scary part to me, trying to combine colors and patterns that will work well together! You have nailed it!
I am so happy to hear that Josie is doing well. It is always so hard to watch our precious pets sick and no answers. She looks great!
Keep warm guys...
Tina xo

Marj Talbot said...

Nice fabric - can't wait to see the finished product.
Glad that hear that Josie is well and back to playing with toys. Pets add such a joy to our lives - smiles and laughter watching them at their antics.

dianehobbit said...

Lovely fabric, did you stitch all those blocks today?

Bead and Needle said...

Silly Josie, playing in the tub! Too cute...hope your week is wonderful, Jillayne!

Anonymous said...

What a cute story with a happy ending! :-)

And I love the fabrics you chose for the quilt.

Have you ever made an "ugly fabric" quilt, Jillayne? That's when we choose the fabrics from our stash that we look at and say, "What was I thinking when I bought this?!" Some really pretty results have come from combining the "uglies".

Yours is far from ugly! It's beautiful!

Hugs, Diane

Createology said...

Your little Josie is precious and I am so thankful she is feeling better. Playing in the tub is super cute. happy you are sewing and this quilt is beautiful. Blissful...

Maggie said...

Love your choice of colors for your quilt....I love some of the oriental looking fabrics.
Glad to hear your Josey is fine....she sure looks good to me, the pics are great.....she looks like a little character. We sure worry about our pets don't we. I have a ginger colored cat also, but a male and he constantly wakes me up in the middle of the nite, wanting to play.....he sleeps all day and expects me to play with him in the middle of the nite.
Oh well, they are great company and especially when I am in my sewing room.
Take care and see you soon, looking forward to the Demo.

Dorthe said...

Jillayne, she looks "fat" and good how wonderful, dear-
and what a beautiful work you have done with the fabric with the gorgeous print from the shop where you work - such fantastic colours, and such a huge job to sew all the big is it ?
It must be great to sit inside creating, while the snow is whirling around such thing here ,yet. I know it looks so beautiful , but as I have to travel monday to pick up my Mathilde ,and take her home with me, I hope it will wait a bit :)
Big hug to you, dear Jillayne.

Cheryl said...

Ohh I love that little quilt you have put together Jillayne can't wait to see it finished. I love Josy cat, so please she is better - I love cats shoo much!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Jillayne,

I love your beautiful quilt and all looks so perfect with the cherry blossom print.
So happy to hear that Miss Josie is doing well and what a sweet cat.

Do hope that you are staying warm and enjoying the weekend
Warmest hugs

Michelle May said...

That just makes my heart happy and my face smile big! I'm soooooooo glad she is doing good! Too darn funny about her playing in the tub with her toys! Hilarious!

Suztats said...

I'm so glad Josie is doing well. I love that fabric and the quilt you're piecing. It looks fab. I'm not disciplined enough(yet) to piece something precisely. Maybe I'm just too impatient.