Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Setting the Scene

I already love this year! Five days in and I am as happy as I have ever been ... the holidays were fun and relaxing, both kids were home, the wine rack was full and there was plenty to eat, do and watch.

Now the decorations are all away, several closets have been cleaned, some walls have been washed and I am almost ready for Friday - the first Demo of the year. In keeping with the secretive nature of the Demos (you have to attend to see what they are about!) I won't post photos of anything until next week. In the meanwhile I have put up a photo of what I will begin with this year for myself. Or at least, it's the inspiration for what I will begin with.

You see, I love handwork. The quilt in the photo, which is also my new blog header, is a Rail Fence lap quilt I pieced many years ago and decided since I liked it so much I would hand quilt it. I haven't got a lot done yet; the photo-taking was quite strategic! So that is first on my hand-quilting To Do List.

The little bag sitting on top is also several years old and represents my foray into simple, subtle crazy quilting. It is a small bag, intended to hold some bits of greenery and then tied with a pretty cord and hung, somewhere. It hasn't yet fulfilled that function and won't for a while as I am using it as my inspiration for Christmas projects for the Fall.

If you click on the photo you will get an enlarged version and the stitching detail will be much easier to see!

This is easily one of my favourite all time pieces - wonderful textures in the fabrics and then all that handwork in lovely pale colours. I am seeing cards, ornaments, stockings, angels, mittens, placemats - the ideas seem to be running rampant. I really wish my hands could work as fast as my brain...

So stay tuned!

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Marj Talbot said...

I think that it is GREY.

To speak of a rainy/snowy day like today, that's GRAY.

To choose a pretty fabric however, now that's GREY.

Thanks for an interesting and informative blog.