Wednesday, February 15, 2017

paying the piper...

 probably one of the first expressions i learned that made sense to me immediately, no explanation required...

i've spent many, many happy hours dreaming away, la la land we called it when i was young
teachers often mentioned it in report cards, year after year, teacher after teacher
"jillayne is a day-dreamer"

lately my day dreams are more often than not about this room, my studio, and what's in it

it's chock-a-block full of all sorts of delightful goodies, most i've chosen for myself, some gifted to me through the recent craze of "de-stashing"
i'm much more judicious in my purchases than i ever used to be - never mind that i've run out room, i'm also mindful of the time i have available

i've learned  that the things i like to do the most are the fiddliest, most labour-intensive, using up next to nothing kind of creations you could ever imagine...

like the little scrap you see below

a very little bit of paper, silk and lace, a few beads, a modicum of embroidery thread
smoosh it all together and it wouldn't take up three square inches of space

but don't ask me how many hours...

 i love it though, on ever level
love looking at it, loved making it, love thinking about it, love sitting in la la land day-dreaming about it

 trouble is, at this rate of resource usage, i've enough supplies to last me a very long time

and i long for a room that has space in it, supplies enough, but not over-flowing abundance where to get at one thing, you have to move two

making fiddly things, while very delightful, is not going to help create space in here...

so this year i've resolved to make an effort to do things a little differently - making an effort, not just to use things up, but also to take the time to make some of the things i've wanted to make for a while but pushed aside when a bead glimmered at me in the most delightful way

i bought the fabric, surely i must have wanted to actually make something with it???

over the past few weeks i've doing some old-fashioned quilting, in new-fashioned ways

four little quilts, small table mat sized

a tiny four-patch

 my favourite one - a disappearing four-patch

 simple crosses

and finally, square in a square

this last one has a very strong appeal for me... beautiful quilts are wonderful things but quilts made up with a mish-mash of fabrics, some pretty, others, not so much- they're something special...

approachable is a word i like to use for them

a child would be free to drag them around, inside or out, the dog or cat can curl up on them at will
and they're amazing to have wrapped around you on an under the weather kind of day

the only thing is, little quilts don't help out much in the stash-bash department...

methinks it's time to scale things up a bit, make a few lap and bed-sized quilts, ease the load on a shelf or two and fill the cupboard with a pile of coziness

it's a start...


Magpie's Mumblings said...

I agree that working in small size is wonderful but really doesn't do much to downsize the stash that keeps multiplying when you're not looking. I have been really good for the past couple of years and flatly refuse to buy anything if I can possibly use from my stash. Heaven knows I have enough fabric bits, beads and embroidery floss to last me at least two lifetime of crazy quilting. Mind you, teeny tiny little stitchings have endless fascination!

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

You do lovely work, no matter what you decide to create. My favorite is your favorite.

Happy Quilting ~ FlowerLady

Marj Talbot said...

I've done just the opposite. I made lap quilts and full sized quilts and maybe I could fashion one more if I had just some lighter fabrics, but on the other hand, it's time to do the small stuff. I have enough to play and would need to buy very little if any. I will never use all the beads and bobbles but it's nice to have them when needed.
Love your little mini quilts, especially the disappearing four patch. Many uses for these I'm sure. Thanks for sharing.

oldgreymareprimitives said...

With that much talent in the wee quilts your full size would be stunning. Go for it girl!

gracie said...

I always enjoy a visit with are so creative and everything is lovely.

Rachel said...

I am frequently surprised at how little thread I use - right up until I rely on that, and run out at a critical point!

Laura said...

The timing of this post couldn't be more fitting! I was sick this past week and carting one of Granny's quilts around the house with me all day, and Geoff made a comment about washing it. I told him that it had probably seen me through 50 other colds and no he couldn't wash it because all the seams were already coming undone and I wouldn't risk losing anymore. Looking at a all the tiny triangles of fabric - none of which went together in the least, I kept thinking how it could not have been put together more perfectly. XO

Createology said...

I do ever so love your tiny fiddly masterpieces! I agree they really cannot stash-bash. There is a love and comfort hug sewn-crocheted/knit into every and any quilt that Grandma's create. There is nothing like wrapping oneself in that love. Keep creating my friend. Your powers are beyond amazing. Hope you are enjoying Winter. <3

Dorthe said...

Dear Jillayne, whatever you create, is always filled with beauty, and I know you are hard working, always, on all your different things, so all must be filled with the love for creating , you so surely feel, dear friend.
They are wonderful your small quilts, and I can`t imagine, how you find time, to now, maybe, also start a huge one, for bed size , but I know, that soon I will see your start on it, here, and I wish you happy hours patchworking !!!
Hugs, Dorthe