Sunday, November 20, 2016

this and that...

i've been battling a terrible cold for the past two weeks, cough, hacking, sneezing - laying low

the only good thing has been a pardon for all regular chores and each day, for an hour or two if the light is good, i work on my embroiderer's design ledger

i first took this class four years ago but with a full schedule of teaching classes of my own i did not get very far...

karen's doing a re-run of it, along with a bit of new material and i jumped at the chance to do this one again

an embroiderer's ledger is a design book you make yourself

taking an image of inspiration, identifying colour and pattern, working with that information and then extending it with your own ideas

you've seen a little already in my last post... here's what i've been up to since then

 the light here has been so terrible these past weeks that i have had to have the lights on all day, everyday, so my images are not the best... the bottom circle is actually a beautiful forest green...

but oh, how i love this page... love, love, love

 in a fit of nostalgia for much-loved classes, i re-visited another one i did with karen "lace, paper, cloth and stitch" and created this lovely strippy fabric - eventually it will make it's way on to one of the pages in this book

taking a page from my last post, i've since added simple embroidered detail - it's amazing how that can lift a design

 working with and isolating pattern

 more design work, extending pattern, yet another textured surface to work on

again, the addition of stitch can change things so dramatically

always working to maintain cohesion, trying to move things forward

i have already done much, much more in my book, ideas flowing faster than the pen can move, one building on another

right now i am happily up to my ears in french knots!


Christine B said...

Stunning work Jillayne. Brings back memories too. It was one of my favourite classes. You have made me feel like fetching out my own ledger and revising it's pages.

Rachel said...

This all sounds like a perfect antidote to a bad cold!

Marj Talbot said...

Your design ledger will become a book of memories. Love your stitching/designs as usual. Hope your cold is on it's way. Hugs.

Ancient Wanderer said...

Hello. I'm a long time subscriber but this is my first comment. I just wanted to give you some feedback because I've been so impressed with your work for so long. It occurred to me that you should know there are those of us who are "silent" but still cannot get enough of the work you do. What impresses me most is that you do so much with so little. Bits of interesting fabric (and sometimes it takes your eye to see the specialness of it), stitches (some complex and some very simple), and creative ways to move forward with it. Thank you for your posts all this time and I hope for many more. Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas.

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Jillayne,
Just stunning as always and your work and design are an inspiration.
I love the mix of texture, the color and of course the french knots. These ar a favorite of mine to stitch when I can finally pull out my threads. haha.
Enjoy the process and the Christmas season upon us!
Hope your cold goes away soon and you feel better. Blessings, xo

Createology said...

I also love the simplicity of this page with your stitched x's. Love the sample fabric you created and of course it should find its home in your design book. You are quite correct about how some stitching can truly bring a design to life. French knots and I have never had a very cohesive relationship...until I made over 350 just in one seam of my Crazy Quilting sampler. I think we will have a future together after all. Love what you are creating dear. XO

Karen Ruane said...

beautiful images and stunning work Jillayne....your enthusiasm creates excitement in me! I hope your cough is better??? xxx

Dorthe said...

Dear Jillayne,
They are just stunning, I love all your embroidery, giving such a beautiful effect all over, if on a card, or a page in your book, highlighting a drawing and adding sweetness to it, at once.
Beautiful page in white, and love the needle holes, too, there.
You creates lovely little wonders, always !!
Hugs, Dorthe

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Hope you're feeling better now (I'm late in commenting I know). I found it wonderful fun to see the work you're doing here - made me think of all the things we did in Karen's original class and how much I learned. Which I, alas, haven't followed through on. Tsk tsk.

finaly job said...
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