Monday, October 31, 2016

sparking creativity

 the three day 

"spark your creativity challenge"

hosted by brittany of the weaving workshop has come to an end - well, perhaps the prompts have ended, but we've already formed such a delightful group and people are still posting away - i know i will in the days and weeks ahead
after all, this challenge did exactly what was intended

i am fired right up, let me tell you

the second day found us working with line and shape, one set of sketches using circles, the other straight lines
one from each group to be coloured

i thought at first that i would enjoy the circle challenge more - not even a bit
i found it difficult

i was way happier doing the straight lines, but as i type this i wonder if part of that might not have to do with them being done after the circles, when i was warmed up, knew what i didn't like

my favourite of all was the coloured blocks

i started by drawing drawing squares and rectangles, all inter-connected/overlapping
i planned to colour the parts that didn't overlap first and then go back with something different to colour the overlapping areas

that didn't work so well and i ended up leaving them unpainted - loved how that changed the look of the design and reminded me of the value of negative space

 below was a sampling of simple mark-making using straight lines - my inspiration for this was the simple "straight stitch" - a humble little embroidery stitch, the first one i learnt when i was seven, and the foundation for so many of the intricate stitches i love today...

 day three was collage

i haven't done a collage since i was in grade school - scary, but i held my breath and just started ripping things out of the three magazines we were to choose our initial components from

i also had a lovely currier & ives christmas card i had been saving for almost 15 years - a winter scene, beautifully drawn, gorgeous trees, tiny figures, houses and such

i decided to be brave and cut it, eventually slicing it into long strips of varying widths

because this challenge came to me through an interest in weaving i decided to work with weave - loosely, as a starting point

i loved that card and while i wanted to take inspiration from it, i would never want to copy it - i want to do my own work, with my own ideas, my heart...

so - underneath it i placed strips cut from the magazine pages, strips that represent, through their imagery, pattern, style, stitch and story

those four things are the foundation of everything i strive to make and they support the art itself

i was so pleased with how it turned out 

i like how you can see the image in separation now, reminding me of how i am inspired by the work of others, but that i don't recreate it

 i took the off-cuts from the magazine strips and glued them down in a random way, drawing circles and adding pin-pricking
wanting to do something quick, without planning, using various elements from the drawing exercises of the day before

and a reminder...

i have a tendency to over-think my work, to angst over the smallest detail - to always consider the whole picture, at each step of the way
i don't tend to take chances with my work and often find myself afraid of ruining something that i really like

i learned my creative blocks tend to rise from a fear of the unknown or unfamiliar 

i do not like to take chances with my work

yeesh - that was hard to write

i always thought i was an experimental creative, loving to just try things, but as wrote this post i realized that's not quite true - certainly not the whole story

i'm a scaredy cat

i am so, so glad i did this challenge - and if brittany ever offers it again i highly recommend it

three days, wonderful participants, eye-opening exercises


today i'm holding on to all i've discovered as i begin another class

i first did this class in 2012 but time and life took over and the images below are as far as i got
rather than starting over with a new design image, i'm going to continue right where i left off...

but with a whole new approach


Karen Ruane said...

gorgeous post...i really like the randomly placed slices of paper...

Rachel said...

I like the arrangements you've made of the various pieces. Maybe if you "improvise" within strict limits that you've set for yourself, you might be able to do a little more experimentation?

Christine B said...

Just reading this wonderful post and studying your examples is enough to put a spark in anyone's creativity. I will revisit this.

Createology said...

Always the most interesting and inspiring topics my friend. I find your circles drawing very sweet. Love your Currier and Ives cut-up. I still recognize the image quite well. I shall follow your journey with Creative Bliss...

Summer said...

Your artwork is very pretty ♥

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I'm not quite sure which strikes me more - your art here, or your insight into your thoughts about your creative process. I found it interesting to note that you resisted the urge (maybe not yours, but it certainly would be mine!) to slice your card into equal pieces. Making them different widths adds so much additional interest. I love this!!

Dorthe said...

Dear Jillayne,
You always surprise me with your thoughts and wonderings, your approach to every bit you create, always with your thoughts of how and what. And I love reading your words. You would be a fantastic writer, I`m sure.
The art piece with your loved card, is a new gorgeous piece to love, from your own hands!!
Hugs, Dorthe