Tuesday, October 25, 2016

seeing spots

lately i've been working with colour - completely saturated colour

the fabrics have been collected over the past few years, whenever we went down to visit family in sisters, oregon

the quilt shop there is heavy on the modern side of things and i thought it might be a good idea to break out from my usual choices and hearken back to what i liked during the '70s

bright, happy colour with no rules

i'm making a child's lap quilt, a simple rail fence design with three white panels that will have "fancy-full" flowers appliqued and embroidered

it's been a slow go though

i've pieced the rail fence blocks 
the layout was determined by the amount of fabric i have - no way i'm buying more, so when the blocks were pieced, i flung them out on the floor, moving them around until i came up with a plan

not saying it will stay this way, but it's a start
a guideline, if you will - not a rule...

the flowers will extend across the white panels, design components flowing from one to the other, across seams, no boundaries

so far there's one that has the petals appliqued and outlined with embroidery - the embellishments haven't been done
haven't even been thought up, actually

i did say progress was slow...

a couple of circles have also been added - they'll be centers for future flowers, but yup, you guessed it... not yet invented either

at least i've got a theme sorted out

but while i've been waiting for my brain to sort all that out, i have made some very pretty, spotty, dotty lace

circles of circle fabric, circles of lace, circular stitching

circular holes

 at least i have something pleasant to occupy me while the ideas stew and brew...


FlashinScissors said...

What bubbly fabrics, I love the way you are using them. Your flowers are a fantastic idea, and I so look forward to seeing how you progress with them!
Gorgeous lace dots, holes and circles ..... your stitching is really beautiful!

Marj Talbot said...

Some lucky little girl (or big girl) will be thrilled with the color and excitement of your lap quilt. The fabrics are cheery - lovely. I look forward to seeing the finished white panels.
Pretty lace fabric with all the holes and circles!!!

Rachel said...

The ideas will start to bubble happily to the surface, and then they'll just keep coming - this will be a delight!

Dorthe said...

you impress me for ever, -always new thoughts are being put into practice, and beautifully created. Colors or nature tones, you always create beauty, and special art pieces.
Thank you for your note, dear -
Hugs ,Dorthe

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Jillayne, Oh I love seeing spots in your lovely work. Your talents just keep lifting you higher and you always come up with the best designs. This one is lovely!! Thank you for sharing. Happy creating and enjoy the season.
Blessings to you. xo