Thursday, October 27, 2016

creative synchronicity...

in my ever-present quest for finding my own true creative voice, i signed up for brittany mclaughlin of the weaving workshop's 

"spark your creativity challenge"

a three day challenge where you will be opened up to new creative possibilities

my path here was a little round-about... a few weeks ago i finally decided to join the local spinner's and weaver's guild
i'd been toying with it for a long time, not so much interested in spinning, but very much drawn to weaving
my hesitancy did not come from a place of debated interest - it was a direct result of my husband's constant urging for me to "focus"
{perhaps he hasn't fully come to understand my focus is more about "how" than "what"!}

anyway, i joined and later that night, whilst scouring the internet for all things weaving, i found myself ordering a frame loom from an etsy sellerand joining brittany's site "the weaving workshop" and enrolling in her free introduction to weave class

when the invitation to participate in this challenge arrived in my inbox i didn't hesitate

today is day one and our challenge began with quickly choosing three books from our bookcase{s}
i chose my toile book from the bookcase in my sewing room, the grandma moses one from the night-table, and "a child's garden of verses" from my special shelf on my special bookcase - these are the much-loved stories of my childhood

next was to choose a quote from each book, after which the work began
i use that word "work" pretty loosely, this wasn't work, it was pure joy

 In looking closely at these books, from cover to content, context, even construction, we looked for what drew us - what we enjoyed, and what we could take from them for our own creative journey

some of what i wrote in our facebook group:

these three books have qualities that are imbued in what i strive for in my work - to look at old processes with new eyes, eyes that haven't seen things in only one way, to be fresh and imaginative, and to turn things around on themselves
i love to know the history of a process, skill, technique or product, to embrace that, but also to ignore it
i want to find my own way, creating a narrative that speaks to me, showing me a truth i can't find in the work of others...

how can i call on these books to help me in my own work?

i can look upon them as a testament to the strength and beauty of originality - there is no cloth like toile, but it didn't come about over night; it was the coming together of weave, design, pattern, dye and process that brought it to it's full glory

there are no paintings like those of grandma moses, who refined her style over time but never deviated from what was true for her, resisting the recommendations of others, and improving as much from choosing better equipment and paint as from the experience gained from doing...

there are no children's poems as entrancing as those of robert louis stevenson, written from the author's authentic self, drawn from his own life's experiences and personal observations, using point of view as a powerful tool

these are all qualities i believe to be key in expressing my own creative voice; if i continually make them part of my process, i will surely create what is in my own heart...

and that my friends, was a glimpse at day one
you can join us if you like...

and now for the synchronicity part of this post

two days ago, as part of another class i'm taking on all things paper, i pulled the papers below in anticipation of a book making exercise

as i loaded the images for today's post, i realized the colours of my chosen papers, perfectly match the covers of the books i chose at random this morning

 two days, and two classes apart...


Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Hello dear friend!

I loved this post, especially the last part about the colors. Isn't it funny how our true voice keeps calling out to us, but we get so distracted by the voices and opinions of others? I too am on a journey to listen to myself and to focus on what I love best. Not everyone will like it and I'm at a point that I'm totally fine with that. ;)

Enjoy this journey. So great to catch up with you!

Createology said...

Jillayne Dear I am so happy for you to be taking classes in what calls to you and not having to teach classes. Your three books are very special indeed and I feel you will find your creative expression far beyond what you can imagine. Everything you create I LOVE and it all makes me swoon. You never copy what others do yet you make unique versions all your own. I truly admire you and your creative HeArt.
Your papers being in harmony is very serendipitous. Enjoy your creative processes my friend...

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

What an interesting and inspiring post. Thank you dear Jillayne for sharing your thoughts, ideas, and creativity.

Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

Rachel said...

My goodness, you are going to be so happily busy for the next few weeks!

Karen Ruane said...

I love your them,

Marj Talbot said...

You go girl!! Can't wait to see this new project. Hope you have an awesome weekend.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

This sounds like a fascinating challenge/exercise. I was just tonight attempting to choose my absolute favourite book of all time and having quite a struggle to do so. There are so many that would be strong contenders. I found it quite interesting to see that the three you have chosen represent so many different aspects - the fabric creative world that you enjoy; the art that comes into what you do; and the child-like joy you obviously take in what you create. Reading your reasons for your choices was fascinating too. Love this post!