Friday, May 20, 2016

patched and pieced...

my daily stitch practice is alive and well - i'm rather proud to say i haven't missed one single day

each morning i sit in my favourite chair and root through my small basket of scraps, choosing something to add

the choices stem from where on the cloth i find myself drawn to - i thought at the beginning it would be what i wanted to add, but the reverse has proven to be true

it often looks lop-sided but i know at the end it will be ok

above you see it in it's entirety, as of today

 i first began by using a simple running stitch, about 1/8" in from the edge

over time i got tired of all the little stray threads that kept working themselves loose
{as did he who does the vacuuming}

so i switched to a very fine overcast stitch - too much coffee though, and the stitches aren't quite as fine as i'd like... but there it is - just more evidence of "me" on each day

tiny irregular scraps, some larger more even ones - a true mixed bag

i rarely trim them, usually only if a wayward edge will cover something i'd rather it didn't

 starting dark, lightening toward the edges

it's my intention to go very light all the way around before bringing it back to dark at the outermost edges

 the blue-grey part is my favourite - as i'm sure many of you who know me well would guess

when the patch is placed and the picture posted, the cloth is folded neatly and placed back on the scrap pile, ready for the next morning

sometimes, if i have a minute, i'll play with a few more scraps, considering options

but no matter how good a plan i make, the next morning i begin afresh with where and what

 light and shadows play brilliantly on rumpled cloth

 blending colour, easing it across the cloth

 ragged edges that still shed but somehow eventually it stops and the cloth and stitching hold fast

 i use a favourite art book to support it on my lap, "the scent of ink"

they've become a pairing for me, the cloth and the book, so when the patches are done, and i'm wondering where i go with it next, i'll look here for inspiration

i must say that even though i planned the value placements with a mind of keeping it whole and embroidering on the surface,  there is a part of me that has a hankering to cut it up... the only thing that stops me from doing so is that it would surely create even more scraps!

 today i laid it out and trimmed and straightened the ragged edges of the muslin - tonight i'll baste a hem, and then have a real sense of what's left to do

there was a time i thought it would take two years to fill in but now i can see it probably won't even take one and before the year is over i'll be ready for the next one

the same, but different


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Oh Jillayne - I think this is one of my absolute favourite things you've done! It makes me think of the way the pioneers made their quilts using whatever they had at hand and not relying on machine quilting and perfect seams. Love, love, love it!!

Christine B said...

I have followed this from the start. So many voices, moods and elements stitched into this cloth; your own mood, the weather, seasons, the changing colours of nature and the voice of the cloth itself. It has a beautiful unbroken rythmn to it that reflects the harmony of all these elements sustained by your unfailing continuity. And now you show it as a whole I am bewitched as I see light and shadow adding drama and dance to it. It is truly a living cloth and I am thrilled to see it here and to read your reflections of it's journey so far. And, for you, no doubt, a sense of achievement each morning before the day has even begun.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

This piece is so lovely and comforting! The colors have a sense of peace and a whole lot more. I love it.


Rachel said...

It's growing nicely, and I'm very impressed that you've not even missed a day - there's always something trying to knock us off-track!

Tanya said...

Boy, do I love many little pieces and stitches!!! How big will this become, my friend? Just curious. XOXO

deanna7trees said...

i am loving this. i can see a crazy quilt stitcher embellishing all the seams with fancy stitches....and i must say that i would be tempted....but it looks fabulous just the way it is. it's almost like a tree with the dark trunk on the bottom and it gets lighter where the branches and leaves are forming.

Createology said...

To begin your days with thread and needle stitching little scraps of beautiful fabrics is truly bliss. I adore the randomness of this collage of bits and pieces. I believe it speaks to you as you place and stitch each piece. Simply and Exquisitely Beautiful Dear...

oldgreymareprimitives said...

Really liking this idea and love the piece

Karen Ruane said...

utterly beautiful...I am almost speechless.

Marj Talbot said...

Do you plan to embellish with embroidery? Just wondering. That would be a lot of stitching as the pieces appear quite small. A light colored thread would stand out nicely.
Thanks for posting once again.

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

That is totally cool girlfriend. I love simple stitching and just "being" in the moment. You've been on my mind. I hope all is well and happy with you.

Deb said...

I love watching this piece unfold, each patch holds a piece of your heart, you create the most beautiful pieces.