Wednesday, March 2, 2016

on a roll...

i wanted badly to do a blog post on the 29th, for posterity, because it's odd... i like things that are different so february 29 is a happy day for me

as usual, the best laid plans went the way of the saying... drifting off into space and time

leap year might be a good descriptor for this year, in more ways than one - it feels like we're already racing to the finish
yet here i am, holding on bravely to each minute, cherishing the everyday...
the older i get the better i understand the truth of "now"

i was thinking lately of many of things i have posted here over the years, of processes and systems i have tried - i realized i rarely post of how i progress with them

i still write every day, in the mornings... by lamplight in winter, sunlight now - usually three pages but when time is stifled, i sail through two
in the past 2+ years that i've been making morning writing a daily ritual, i've missed one day

the daily sketch went by the wayside pretty quickly - not enough inspiration and i found i couldn't let go of trying to make them perfect

the daily stitch practice is going great and my pieced cloth is growing already

the list of twenty-five whittled down to five - creative works to concentrate on in a limited fashion, a process used by warren buffet?

almost 18 months later, i adhere to this rigidly

this is by far the smartest thing i have ever done in my creative life - it has not stifled nor limited me in any way, shape of form - rather, it has freed me, mostly from myself
i choose better, smarter, am far more aware of how long things really take, and in the end, i choose what to do wisely

i've certainly stumbled with it, refined it a little, but wouldn't work in any other way - for me, it is brilliant

my last list included making three more components of my "attendent noel" roll, designed by bea for quiltmania

i am so in love with this piece - the random delightful-ness of it

 this time, a little ginger cat with a purple collar - she brings to mind miss josie... she always looked adorable in a purple collar of her very own

a collage piece - little girls looking up a chimney for you-know-who

 and two teeny-tiny little nine-patch quilt blocks

 they're all stitched in place on the linen strip - i just need to extend the vine upwards and trail it over and around some of these latest elements

slowly growing in length, the fabric is from an old linen damask-type tablecloth

it was fraying like mad so i took some extra time and buttonhole stitched around the perimeter to keep it in check

it's such a treat to work on these little pieces - they make up quickly, are simple to alter the design as desired, or even substitute, a great way to use up precious snippets of fabric and ribbons - buttons, especially

a place-keeper for treasures

knowing proper technique allows for changing things up; abandoning those old rules allows for more creative spontaneity than ever 

i really am on a roll...


peggy said...

I just found your blog and am so glad! I was wondering what you will do with the finished work...will this be a wall hanging? I like all the tiny little works of art on the one piece of fabric.

Rachel said...

It certainly sounds like you are on a roll! And creating some lovely fragments for your piece...

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Sweet and I just love that little kitty.

Happy Creating and Happy Spring ~ FlowerLady

Marj Talbot said...

And what a lovely roll it is. I love all the variety and for sure the kitty. Adorable. Intertwining vines and leaves, it all comes together beautifully. I look forward to the finished product.

suziqu's thread works said...

Love this beautiful linen roll displaying your mini collages and the way you are weaving your leaves in and out of the story. How wide and long will it be Jillayne!
I'm packing in readiness to downsizing and moving from our divine property sadly so I have a few minutes here and there to become inspired by other artists whose work I admire.
Thank you for sharing this!
Happy March,

Createology said...

I am entranced with your "Attendant NNoel" roll. I have seen several "Snippet" rolls and every time I promise myself I will make one just for me...but so far nothing is begun let alone done. I adore your work and special bits of stitcheries. Jillayne you always inspire me with your amazing and wonderfully creative works of HeArt. Bless you dear...

Magpie's Mumblings said...

There seems to be an internet-wide change towards a slower method of creating - more mindful and aware. I hesitate to use the words slow cloth, because that seems to be rather overdone. I think now it seems to be more of an awareness of what you are creating and the why behind it. One of the other blogs I read has talked about a book called Slow Stitch by Claire Wellesley-Smith and I have it on my list to get. It sounds like an interesting read. Your little pieces you are working on seems to fit the theme perfectly.

Tina said...

it's going to be a wonderful roll - love that little nine path.
also love the idea with your journal with all those little fabric scraps.

FlashinScissors said...

Such a beautiful project Jillayne. I hope to stitch one of these one day..... I might just start on a cat or a nine patch .... very soon! Your roll is looking fabulous!
Barbara xx

Karen Ruane said...

''random delightfulness''...a perfect description Jillayne, it's so precious. Each little element is so charming....

FredaB said...

Another great post by you Jillayne. You have missed your calling - you should have been a writer. Not too late to start a book.

I like your linen roll and won't it be wonderful some day in the future to be able to unroll it and think back to the times when you made bits for it.


Dorthe said...

It looks beautiful, dear Jillayne, so sweet each of them, and together making a wonderful little story. I love snippet rolls, of all kinds, they always brings old scraps and memories from creating together, to a gorgeous whole, just like this one.
Hug from me.