Wednesday, January 6, 2016

it's easy if you try...

i think i've learned more important lessons in the past five years than in the previous fifty...

i've learned that the more you do the more ideas you'll get

"inspiration inspires" 

i've said that for a long time now - you never run out, you just keep getting more, one thing leads to another, and to another

i've learned that goals are only wishes when you don't have a plan - it's easy to want to be able to do something... it's an entirely different thing to put in the time, do the work, hone the skill, perfect the craft

i've learned to try

i drew these corset shapes by looking at a photograph 

and perfected them by having a rather large eraser

drawing what i saw

"draw what you see, not what you think you see"

wise words

the paper is heavy water-colour paper and my inspiration image is rather large - i needed smaller versions of the corset-shape for some design work exercises i wanted to do and the only way to get the smaller versions on to the water-colour paper was to draw them 

it wasn't easy, and they aren't perfect, but they're mine and i love them

working with pattern and shape

surface design

paper and stitch

contrasting lovely delicate lace with a cloth that has an edgy pattern

creating texture with pin-tucks

i wasn't too keen on knotting off all the beginning and ending threads and then i realized i could just fringe them

snippety-snip and lickety-split

now i have a lovely surface, all ready for some hand-stitching... i'm just at a bit of a loss right now as to what stitches i should use

i think if i do some kind of smocking, especially in the centre, it will cinch it in and emulate the idea of the corset-shape

too obvious?

i guess i won't know unless i try - and if i wreck it, i can always make another

two years ago i wouldn't have dared but now i know that something good will come of it

i'll either know what works, or i'll know what doesn't work

my mother, wise woman hat she is,  always says "nothing ventured, nothing gained"


i did get a tad carried away with my pin-tucking foot, making these three samples and then another three or four in silk - but i have lots of samples to practice on now

 and then i went back and drew one more corset and played about with cutting out shapes, applying papers that i had also pleated and stitched on, placing some on top and some underneath

looking at line, shape and colour

disassembled,  rearranged

it's a new year and there are many wonderful things to experiment with in the days and weeks and months ahead

i think perhaps i'll buy myself a few big erasers, and maybe even a spare seam ripper


Christine B said...

Jillayne, I have watched this develop in stages. I was enthralled to see the process flow here all in one place. A story unfolding. Lovely samples, lovely image and interesting thoughts. I would be drawn to smocking too. Smocking will describe the nature of the corset perfectly. It might seem obvious but, really, sometimes going with the obvious, the gut feeling, is the way to least to start avoid it becoming contrived. Other ideas may follow but they will come of their own accord and not be forced and so will continue the smooth flow forward. I love this project..I really do.

Rachel said...

Having the confidence to sipmly play, and trust to your judgement after the work is done, makes such a difference, doesn't it. I like how ths is developing, too...

gracie said...

I really like this sure to show us the completed look.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Oh my gosh Jillayne ~ Your creativity is amazing and you continually inspire me with all that you do.

Happy Creating ~ FlowerLady

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Jillayne, wow this is awesome. When the heart really wants to do what is laid inside by inspiration, it just works doesn't it??!! This project is beautiful and your drawings are amazing.

Wishing you a great new year my friend and one filled with endless creativity!

Dorthe said...

Hello dear Jillayne, yes ,learning by doing, and never running out of ideas, that is so much you, and I admire you doing it, and also having a day-work, as far as I know. You have so much energy in always trying so many different things, and your drawing of the corset is wonderful. love your idea of cutting out and adding fabrics from behind ? You will have so many playful hours with this, and it reminds me of me having spend hours with paper dolls , drawing ,painting and cutting out !! Have a wonderful rest of the week, and HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU; dear friend.
Dorthe xo

Deb said...

Those corsettes are just great, you have captured the curves perfectly. I look forward to seeing this progress. I keep a few erasers handy and a seam ripper in every basket.

Createology said...

Your mother is a very wise woman and she raised a very wise and creatively gifted daughter. Your drawing is wonderful and it doesn't matter how big your eraser is or was. The individual pieces are interesting in the way you have placed them on and under the corset. Pin tucks for the cinched in waist...brilliant. 2016 will be an amazing year dear...

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Loved your words about the eraser! Sez I, as I spent more time today unpicking my stitches than I did putting them in. Alas, it's harder to 'erase' stitches than it is to erase on paper! Look forward to seeing where your corset experiments will take you.

Karen Ruane said...

your mum is right...nothing have a fabulous collection of ''knowledge'' here, of reference of time spent.

FredaB said...

Hi Jillayne

Happy New Year. Your creative spirit is still going strong and it looks like you are still on with your lessons with Karen. I got sidetracked and am only in the 20's with the videos.