Saturday, October 31, 2015

stitch, patch, play

once upon time, long, long ago...

the best stories when i was young always started that way

this one began a few years ago... i had a hankering to play about with fabric and stitch - no direction, no plan, just pick some fabrics and some threads and make something pretty

a little while ago, it came out from the pile and i finished it 

it was another in a long list of things i started with no plan for what they would be in the end

i like that - working that way

sometimes i think we are too attached to making a thing, to being finished, like it's a great big mark of achievement... making this or that in only this much time

"get 'er done"

i try hard not to be annoyed by it, letting others have there fun, but sometimes i just shake my head

i'd rather be the one that made it than the one that has it, and i like it best when i have no idea what it will be

 i went to a daytime quilting retreat for three days in september - oddly enough called the 

"git 'er done" sewing weekend

i was the only one in a room full of quilters that didn't bring their sewing machine

instead, i elected to bring hand-work... three projects, all being done by hand, all having been lurking about in my sewing room for at least a year or two

i decided to make this one into a pouch to store my liberty of london fabrics

 the flattened hexagons you see above were all that was done before the weekend began

i added the flower below to what would be the bottom front of the pouch - pentagons arranged to form a flower, gathered seam binding for a ruffly flower centre and a bit of embroidery to add interest

the top portion of the front got simple square patches of fabric appliqued in place - i love this part best

hands down

the simplicity of the patches, appliqued in a row, with breathing space between them is my new very favourite thing

i want to applique squares on everything now 

simple patches, simply beautiful

i liked that i left space in places, outlining, but not filling

pretty stitches with pretty thread

in the end, it's probably the most under-stated thing i've ever made, but it's high on my list of favourites

people at the retreat kept wandering over to my table, usually in disbelief - that i was content to sit, with all my threads and scraps spread out before me with no sewing machine to be seen

content, i was, to play the day away...


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

That lovely piece has a sweet serenity about it and you did a wonderful job with it.

As always, your work inspires me.

Happy November dear Jillayne ~ FlowerLady

deanna7trees said...

i stopped signing up for classes in the area where i had to bring my sewing machine. i'm not crazy about using it at home when there's only one whirring less in a class of 10 or 15 people with the sound of all those machines. but, besides the noise, i, too, prefer stitching by hand....such a calm, peaceful activity. your pieces are always so calm and peaceful and oh so beautiful. i sometimes start with a plan but it's usually changed many times along the way. keep on doing your own beautiful thing.

Rachel said...

Goodness, it's the other members of the group I don't understand. Three days of quietly playing and stitching away sounds like utter bliss to me !

Christine B said...

There is a clue in the word "retreat". If I had been there I would have been sitting beside you hand stitching too. I think perhaps the others just didn't get it.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

You may, just may, have converted a few of the die-hard machinists to at least trying hand stitch. After all, seeing something this wonderful taking shape in your hands must have been hugely inspirational!

suziqu's thread works said...

Your patchwork is so soothing to see. I love your beautiful chosen colours Jillayne and yes I am one of those who has a project in mind and have to keep creating and evolving the work until it is finished. I hate leaving unfinished things but I love to be the creator and not the receiver like you.

Dorthe said...

Dear Jillayne,
I seem to also finish my creations, when first started, and I believe it has to do with all the years I sewed for my shop.... the dolls, collages, cards...just had to be finished ,to end up for selling in the shop !!
I always admire your beautiful work, and wonderful ideas, and your most wonderful end products of lovely art!!
Jillayne, I send you an envelope some time ago, and hope it will arrive in your mail-box !!
Hugs, Dorthe

janie krig said...

Beautiful colors and thoughtful stitching.

Marj Talbot said...

Good on you for doing your "own thing". It was a brave move and also one of confidence and determination.
I love the flower - nice pouch.

karen said...

you use subtle colours in the most gentle way. There is a calmness to yor pieces...I love these.

FlashinScissors said...

Oh, I do love a story, Jillayne, and hand stitching is my fave too! Your stitching is beautiful. Such a gorgeous pouch!
Barbara xx

Createology said...

Jillayne Dear you are so very special and I am always intrigued with not only your projects but also your methods and thoughts. I am guilty of making projects and not truly enjoying any creative process involved. It is easy to see how this fabric pouch with the simple fabric squares and fabulous flower is beautifully your new favourite...and mine. There are many times I prefer to hand stitch instead of machine stitch. You were the envy of many at that retreat. Lovely Creative Bliss Dear...