Monday, August 31, 2015


with the promise of a vegetable garden this year, came the prospect of starting some of my own plants from seeds...

whilst moseying about the seed-packet racks i spotted one of gloriosa daisies... gorgeous, gorgeous flowers

i've tried my hand at growing plants from seeds before but have never had much success - they're usually sad little examples that after several struggling weeks, give up and die in self-defence...

ever hopeful, i bought a packet of these most beautiful daisy seeds

a week ago, one bloomed

i was so amazed by the beauty of it i thought i'd try preserving the memory of it with eco-printing

below you can see what remained of the flower after i got hold of it...

and below these words you can see the results

thrilled beyond belief...

this time round in the dyeing process i used a few lengths of different silks, wrapping them around sticks of wood, as well as some small squares that i worked with in the same manner as printing on paper - layer the fabric with the plant material and compress between two ceramic tiles

 the printing on the silk a little fainter than i was hoping for... i wet the silk this time {thank you deanna!} but i think i'm not wrapping it well enough - i need fatter sticks, or else some tin cans perhaps

but i do love the colours though so am very happy with how things worked out regardless

marks from the thread wrapping remind of a leafless tree

 the looser wrapping does have one good compensation though - the string marks are beautifully defined and the texture of the cloth is amazing

 especially this side... the sharp ridges are my favourite

i tried a thin wool...

 heavier silk - not sure which kind, perhaps shantung?

 the softness of the daisy print below is another favourite

a spray of rose leaves on the dupioni

 the wool yielded some very interesting impressions

 curious enough to want to try again

a few more ideas, a little more experimenting - nothing ventured, nothing gained, my mom always says

in these last days before the leaves really start to turn, i feel like a squirrel - wanting to quickly gather enough to last me through the long winter, and when the days are dark and cold and the winter wind blows, i'll be tucked inside my studio, safe and dry and playing with wonderful reminders of brighter, "gloriosa" days


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

WOW! How beautiful these turned out! That is so thrilling and I thank you once again for sharing all that you do. You are such an inspiration.


deanna7trees said...

i say you got some beautiful results. you will learn something new each time. there is so much info out there about eco-dyeing but it still takes experimenting over and over again to find your own way. enjoy.

Marj Talbot said...

Those results are so pretty - especially the wool one. I love them all. What will you do with them all? A special journal on this technique perhaps???

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I must admit I skidded to a halt when I saw the very first photo - that looks so amazing! It looks like something that belongs deep in the ocean. I think you're getting such great results from your experiments!

Rachel said...

I shall be interested to see how you employ these prints to remind you of the gloriosa days!

JennyPennyPoppy said...

Love your results!

karen said...

wow Jillayne....fabulous results!!

Dorthe said...

You really achieved some most beautiful results, dear friend...I find it hard to have such bright results as some of yours are, but ofcourse it depends on the materials you have on hand !
That lovely flower, surely gave you very interesting and beautiful results!!
Dorthe, xx