Thursday, June 11, 2015

what's to do???

 many years ago, like about thirty, i took a course from the embroiderer's guild of america

"taking a step in the right direction"

it was an intensive course on all the aspects of teaching needlework - from colour, design, designing your own teaching piece in whatever needlework discipline you liked, writing instructions, lesson planning, classroom set-up and management and everything in-between

in addition to all that six  6 page essays were required, complete with foot notes and annotated bibliographies on each of the following subjects: the history and manufacturing process of scissors,  needles, pins, silk, linen and cotton
{plus another on the history of which ever needlework you used for your teaching piece}

my favourite part of all was the essays - the research was done at the local library and through my own three sets of encyclopedia...

a month or so ago i discovered my newest favourite quilter cassandra ellis had written a book titled 

projects to sew from linen, cotton, silk, wool, and hide

thirty projects plus a heaping spoonful of history, uses and how-tos - it took me back...

and so it became mine... sigh

i'm in my glory

one of the wonderful images in the book is the photo you see below... sewing tools scattered over a pale, water-coloury design on a piece of cotton fabric

now i love tools, but... that cloth - that cloth was divine

looking like it was just torn from an aged sketchbook, it has all the elements i love - beautiful colours, branches with pretty flowers, fern-type leaves...

and a sketch-like quality, just brushed with the softest of water-colours

 the tools look as if you could just push them out of the way, and believe me, i've tried!

but they won't budge, and as cassandra mostly uses vintage fabrics, it's unlikely i can lay my hands on any of it

so... i'm doing the next best thing

first i'm trying my hand at sketching it - just on drawing paper for now

and loving it...

when i get a pageful of designs i'll transfer them to water-colour paper, probably hot-pressed at first, for the smoothness factor... not sure about that just yet but i could try both types i suppose

 after that, i want to try to duplicate it on fabric - in applique

since i'm wanting some kind of water-colour, sketch-book kind of feel i'm thinking of various ways i can get the look i want

as i was playing around with my drawing and the reference page, i realized that without consciously trying, i had sketched the flower in the same scale as the fabric in the photograph, allowing them to line up with each other rather well

kind of cool

 you can't imagine how excited i am about this - my poor brain is just a-whirl at the moment

 some long-time readers might remember the snippety bit applique i did using iron on transfers and teensy bits of fabric, layered and held in place with a single tiny stitch

i don't want this kind of rough texture for this piece - i'm looking for something much more gentle, much simpler- but with the same sort of sketcy outlines

a few weeks back in her small journeys series {which is no longer available for subscription - sorry!} jude hill spoke of a technique she uses for needle-turn applique that gives a sketchy look - it intrigued me, and got the ball rolling, but i really don't want the substance of a turned edge

so... i'm thinking that i will be having raw edges, pale fabrics, pen-sketching, perhaps even machine-sketching

i just need to figure out the order of things...

well, actually, we all know the order of things don't we?

the first step is to finish the darn christmas quilt!


Rachel said...

All these ideas give you something to look forward to for when you've finished the Christmas quilt!

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

I love your new sketch, your enthusiasm and that you share it all with us.

When you did your iron on transfers for that sweet piece you showed, was it a premade transfer, or a hot iron transfer pen or pencil? I recently bought hot iron transfer pencils, and the gripe I have is that the lead breaks easily. :-(

Thank you for sharing all of your knowledge here. It is very inspiring and I love learning new things.

Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

karen said...

gorgeous sketching Jillayne. I love the look of your new book and it's obviously inspired you....

JennyPennyPoppy said...

Lovely looking fabric indeed and no wonder that you love it so. You're duplicate drawings of it are beautifully done.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

ah - the darn Christmas quilt...I feel for you. I feel that way about 'The Quilt-zzzzzz' I'm doing. I simply cannot WAIT to get them done so I can play with fun things that excite me. Your drawings today look wonderful and I can hear the joy in your words as you talked about what you're doing - I love that.

deanna7trees said...

you did a beautiful job on that sketch. can't wait to see how you take it further. that sketch would also look beautiful over some hand dyed cloth to continue the nature theme. i will go and check out the book and the author. thanks for sharing that.

suziqu's thread works said...

Hi Jillayne,
That fabric is just gorgeous. I love it too and it is so YOU!
No wonder you are trying in your own way to replicate it. I wish you all the best of luck as it will be well worth it!
The "Cloth" book sounds fantastic!

gracie said...

Lovely post... lovely pictures....

Dorthe said...

Dear Jillayne, I can so much follow your falling in love with that piece of fabric,-it has just that look of a long ago piece of dress, having been washed many,many times, and have hung in the sun for drying!! So beautiful,-and I know you will end up having something just as beautiful as this. I wish you happy hours, playing.
I have not commented on your last post, as I want to read all the artickle, and have not yet had the time to sit down doing it !! I will be there, my dear.