Friday, June 5, 2015


crash  bang


nothing serious - just me falling off the wagon

the creativity- stifling, list-wagon that is...

i spent a whole day piecing 212 flying geese blocks
along with five of eleven star blocks
and then proceeded to begin squaring up said 212 geese blocks

mind-numbing boredom???

not really, not quite - my mind wandered here and there and every so often an idea would pop into it and take hold
i'd stop what i was doing and quickly write out the gist of what i was thinking, along with a sketch or two

but after the third go-round i finally gave up - couldn't stand it anymore
i had to get my fingers "dirty"

 first up was a play on my word-hearts

remember them? - little felt hearts with words written on muslin and stitched to the back of them

i recently read about another artist making little talisman hearts and tucking inside a slip of paper with a meaningful word written carefully on it - a charm for the recipient to hold dear

i liked that idea, of the word tucked safe inside, but i also thought it would be lovely to see it - to trap it safely inside, yet gently visible
and then i remembered my experiments with trapping scraps of lace within silk tissue and other delicate fabrics

i found my sample and made some notes, gathered a few supplies... and let it be

back to the geese i went

not five minutes later i pondered a way i might make an interesting binding for a small applique project i've been planning for a while now

more sketching, more gathering, playing with layouts

rummaging in my scraps of silk and such brought back an old hankering to piece a table runner combining silk and cotton along with vintage silk kimono fabrics

the piece below, which is not vintage, is setting the tone

and now a nice little stack of possible fabrics patiently wait... whilst i patiently square up more geese

  rooting through all my stitching experiments whilst looking for that silk-lace fragment reminded me of a nifty idea for little books i saw over at karen ruane's blog the other day

which made me think of the little pamphlet-stitched books i made for my midori-style journal 
{i'll post about that soon}

which is when i started pulling all manner of papers and card-stock bits and scraps out of the paper drawer along with conducting a review of my stock of waxed linen thread for sewing said pamphlet stitch

which is about when i crashed

i couldn't stand it any more

i folded, pressed and clamped little bits of papers

and i sewed little bits of fabric into tiny strips 1 1/2" wide

 and then folded it over to see how it looked

i like the varying widths but it's all rather uniform in it's straightness

i want to shake it up a bit - angle some lines, rough it up a little

i want to try one with light pretty fabrics, maybe some lace - perhaps even some stitches that show - at least here and there

the urge to do was just too strong to resist - i can console myself that i haven't made anything 
{after all, the little books aren't sewn together yet, nor is the binding attached to anything... yet}

 but i do feel somewhat assured that i'm not likely to forget about these ideas, and that they're now safely imprinted into my creative psyche, and just as soon as these geese are all trussed up in their quilt, i'll be ready to go

in the meanwhile, i just need a hand up to my wagon seat... if you please


Rachel said...

I suspect the geese will fall together more easily after that rush of ideas - a treat or two to look forward to!

deanna7trees said...

i enjoyed following your thoughts as you were sorting out those geese. that's about how my mind works. thoughts just forcing themselves in so strongly that i have to stop and answer the call. those little books will be wonderful.

Deb said...

When inspiration comes a calling you have to answer it, otherwise it will lost. Thanks for this post its nice to know I am not alone when I go off track when an idea or thought passes through my mind. I am sure those geese with flock together in no time at all. Happy Stitching.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Oh how I get your thought processes!! Especially when stuck doing something that is mind-numbingly boring and repetitious. We feel the siren song of something (anything!!) tearing us away towards something more interesting, more colourful, more FUN....oh wait.....something shiny.......

Createology said...

I can only wish I would be on a creative wagon in order to crash and fall to earth with sew many amazing ideas and beautiful pending projects. Everything you think of and create is amazing. I am entranced with your ideas... June JOY Dear.