Tuesday, June 9, 2015


i am honoured to tell you i've been featured on monica sabullo gruppo's beautiful blog

a beautiful artist i had the great good fortune to meet up with whilst on our travels in the uk in 2013

monica is publishing a series of blog posts featuring a number of different artists and artisans who have a daily practice of journaling and today she's featuring me!

we have spoken at length, both in person {joyfully}, and through wonderful long letters sent flying over the seas about how important our morning journals are to us... monica journals in the most amazing way
{you can read about her practice here}

i am loving this series - i've been journaling daily for some time now, and it has been the most amazing thing for me, in so many ways

if morning journaling, a practice of daily writings, and/or art journaling are something you do, or wish you did, please click here to be inspired

scroll through monica's lovely blog to read what all the others participating in this series have to say

visit here to read all about monica's newest venture... an online course like no other... tune your heart

and please go here to see images of monica's amazing art

beauty and inspiration are just a click away!


Rachel said...

Congratulations - not just on being featured, but on so much enjoying the process involved. It sounds as though you have found a friend..

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

What a lovely honor for you. I look forward to reading her blog.


CelestinaMarie@SouthernDayDreams said...

Dear Jillayne, Congrats on your feature. I can think of no one better to be honored with this feature.
Wishing you wonderful journaling.
Hugs, CM

CelestinaMarie@SouthernDayDreams said...

Hi again Jillayne, I just visited your beautiful feature and it was wonderful and all inspiring. You are an amazing artist and writer. So glad you were asked to share.
Enjoy the process. Hugs, CM

Marj Talbot said...

I visited Monica's blog and it was great to see your feature. Good for you - congratulations!! You are a great writer, not to mention your crafty abilities. Your blog postings and photos over the years would indeed make for a great novel. You are blessed with the ability to express your thoughts both in words and in your projects. Thanks for sharing all that you do - keep writing and posting, it's a great beginning to my day!!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

What a joy to read more about you and your morning writing practice. I've read Julia Cameron's book and have often thought of trying to journal daily, but I end up setting it aside as a good idea and don't act upon it. I do keep a 'diary' of highlights of my day, but that's not quite the same thing. (btw - the link to 'tune your heart' doesn't work on my computer...don't know if it's just me??)

Createology said...

You look beautiful and very happy Jillayne Dear. Congratulations on your feature. Journaling is not an easy task and I admire that you have stuck with it. I shall venture to click the links...hopefully our internet will last. We were without last week and then again last night and today. I must admit I was quite miserable without my emails and blogs. Lots of housework did get done however! Blessings and June JOY...

Monica said...

... what a blessing to count YOU among my dearest (online, offline) friends!
It was a great joy to have you over, and your interview is simply fantastic. I love reading it again and again, and each time I get to know you better. Thank you so much for sharing such joyous and inspiring practice with us all.
Monica xoxo

For the lady who kindly asked- the correct link to Tune your Heart is this:

Monica said...

And to the other workshops:

Marj Talbot said...

I recently came across this little writing that seemed so fitting for you as you continue your writing, stitching, painting, and everything else that you do. It was entitled Freedom:

I promised myself wisdom and I began to learn
I promised myself magic and I began to create
I promised myself love and I became free

So the words for freedom - Wisdom, Magic, Love

Happy days!!!

karen said...

wonderful interview Jillayne....

Mosaic Magpie said...

Congratulations....the honor could not be presented to one more worthy than you my friend.

Becca said...

Congrats Jillayne! Great interview! Such an inspiring blog too, thanks for the links.