Wednesday, June 24, 2015

green acres...

and another two weeks flies past

this spring has gone by at warp speed and here we are just into summer... we have had glorious weather here in the shuswap

hot and sunny with only a few days of rain

this time of year is exceptionally beautiful, with everything green and lush... by august it will be as crisp and dry as can be, but at the moment, it's simply lovely

speaking of green and lush...

below is a picture of my two brand new raised garden beds

growing strong!

the picture below was taken less than three weeks ago - quite the change some sun and rain make

i am loving every single minute of this, from the building to the staining, and yes, even the weeding

it's all just so incredibly awesome!

today i noticed this little guy... tomatoes are popping out all over now

not really knowing how to grow anything much except for the hardiest of flowers, i planted what we like to eat... swiss chard, leeks, onions, carrots, tomatoes, baby kale, potatoes, yellow beans, radishes, spinach, turnip, beets and mixed lettuce greens

a little bit of a lot of things - this year it's kind of an experimental garden

trying this and that to see what's what

what's worth growing and what we're better off to just buy
it's all about maximizing space and managing yield

my little garden is big business - ha!

today's project was to take all the stone we found when we re-built my beloved herb garden and wall off a compost area

{previous owners of our home had stored the leftover stone from building the house in the base of the large garden planter that has been my herb garden for seventeen years - a happy surprise when we took it apart to rebuild the bed}

i've never had a compost either, and as there was a perfect spot in the yard for a little one, and we now had the perfect building material, it all came together -  so here i go on another learning curve - thank heaven for google!

 there's no mortar holding it together, but i can promise you it isn't going anywhere - i spent three hours mussing and fussing over this but it's perfectly level, all the interlocking and over-lapping correctly done, and every piece of stone was used!

i've wanted to build something like this for many, many years... today was the day and i enjoyed every second of it immensely

{to access it safely i can sneak in from behind and get what i need}

so it's plain to see there hasn't been much time for stitching in these parts... the centre of the christmas quilt is finally pieced and squared up and now the borders have to be added - that should happen tomorrow

a few days back i had a half hour between gardening and dinner and so i fiddled around with the sketch-applique ideas

remember this???

 the first thing i learned was not to make the shapes too complicated, or detailed - think splashes of watercolour paint with sketching loosely around them

the bit below is both too small, and too complicated; not "loose" enough

 my attempt with leaves was marginally better - a lifetime of making the pieces fit is getting in my way but i'm determined to persevere... i see glimmers in this, hints of what i want it to be

part of what's bothering me is the wobbliness of the lines - the lack of definition and strength - going over them just makes them worse... i'm considering switching from the pen to using thread

wishing i had more time for this right now but with the brilliant weather our growing season is slightly altered this year, and things are ready much earlier than usual - i just took the first fresh cherry pie out of the oven - a full three weeks ahead of usual

and so it seems it's cherry pickin' time!


Rachel said...

I think the "wobbliness" and "lack of definition" that worry you may turn out to be a strength. Take it slow and allow the ideas to seep out.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

I'd say you are doing a wonderful job with your veggie garden beds. Everything looks so lush and healthy.

Relax with working on your needlework, letting peace fill you and flowing out onto your work. It will come out right.


Becca said...

Love all the green in your garden! I had great luck with tomatoes last year, so I am trying again this year. We have had unseasonably warmer temps for June this year...I prefer rainy but trying to just ride it will be rainy again soon enough! Love your sketch too, and the appliqué looks great. Always love your creations!

gracie said...

What a wonderful garden and nice found surprise for you. I m loving your progress on the fabric....

Createology said...

I am enamored with your lush green garden full of delicious food bounty. Nothing tastes as fresh and yummy as home grown. I grew up eating home grown veggies and fruits. How lovely it must be to spend time in your garden. I missed your previous post but just reviewed your sketching and piecing. I am always amazed at how beautiful your work is. Enjoy Summer and being Green Dear...

CelestinaMarie@SouthernDayDreams said...

Hi Jillayne, love your wonderful garden and the raised beds are beautiful. Love the compost you created using the stone bricks. You are so talented. The reward will be picking those tomatoes and the taste of success. Have a beautiful weekend!
Hugs cm

Dorthe said...

Dear Jillayne, I am I guess opposit you, as I love wobbliness, and not perfection, so to me it looks so very beautiful, - also you drawing is wonderful!!!
The garden experiment looks as if it will bring you lots of beautiful vegetables and you will be sa happy harvesting it all.
The compost from them briggs looks fantastic, too- I hate the plactic ones, many people are buying .
Hoping your weekend is great friend, hugs from Dorthe