Tuesday, May 19, 2015


hey, remember me????

the best laid plans of mice and bloggers oft go awry...

the hot weather descended on us here in the shuswap with a vengeance, yards literally exploding with green

i love this time of year, when everything is so lovely and lush... before it all becomes crisp and brown in august's heat... though we're already being threatened with a long, hot, tinder dry summer 

i''m hoping that heat will translate into a wonderful and yummy vegetable garden - this year i am having my very first, legitimate, proper, raised beds kind of garden - over the moon excited about it!

The frames are stained, built and in situ, with rock supporting them at the sloped end

the sod has been cut out, by hand, and removed and the tilling has begun

tomorrow i need to line the inside of the side boards with plastic and then the mixing of dirt begins - i am hopeful i may be planting as early as thursday afternoon

i have such plans, and if the truth be known, high hopes
but really, just being able to mess about in the dirt is enough

and speaking of dirt - i spent a long time today cleaning it off my hands, out from the nails, because i need to get busy with a special project...

about 24 years ago or so i made a bunny pillow for our daughter

the design and pattern were found in a "cross-stitch and country crafts" magazine, with the pillow front done in cross-stitch and then fabric borders and a ruffle finishing it off...

 it's actually back at my house for repairs - i didn't know enough then to make it in a manner that would allow the pillow cover to be washed {tough lesson, well learned!}

so, it's been taken apart and needs a re-do

in the meanwhile, dd has a friend who just had a baby girl of her own, and so a new bunny pillow is in the works

 using laura's as inspiration, i'm going to applique this new one
{we do want it done in this century, after all}

the parents love the victorian design style, so the linen floral is my inspiration - and will likely be a border

the adorable light print with the random dot is the background of the centre front
{i do love random dots, and nice ones like this are so hard to find - i snap them up whenever i come across one}

the pink will be the bunny herself, the blue stripe, the inside ears, and a gold-beige will be the paw circles

isn't that dot just fabulous???

minty green, varying shades of pink and brown, spotty dots abound - it couldn't be more perfect

 i'm going to do a blanket stitch with embroidery floss around the appliques

and when i'm done i really do need to re-make the original

the girl has already been waiting patiently a year or... three

 i am amazed by how pristine the original stitchery is, after 25+ years - it's as pretty and clean and bright as the day i finished it - no yellowing, nor fading

and every bit as cute to me still... this "redux" is going to be kind of fun...


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Love that cute little piece you made all those years ago, and love the materials that you are going to use for a different rendition. I look forward to the redux and the new.


Monica said...

How adorable! Both the new one and the old one. I'm sure it will keep you busy, maybe sitting in front of your new garden??

Dorthe said...

Hello Jillayne,
Seems you are bussy with your garden, and planning all kind of beautiful sawing and the results to come from that. Here the weather is still like cold one day...then a bit warm, and on we goes to the cold again!!!!
Your pillow cover for your daughter, so sweetly created many years ago, truly stay lovely after having been "used " for so long,- and the new one you are to create will be as wonderful, in the beautiful fabrics you found !!

Rachel said...

Modern dyes don't fade very much, so I'm not surprised your first bunny is still looking good - but I am very pleased to hear it is still so cherished!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I hope your garden rewards you with lots of good things to eat - so much better than the offerings in the grocery store, no matter how 'local' they say they are. What a sweet little bunny - definitely a timeless pattern.

CelestinaMarie@SouthernDayDreams said...

Hi Jillayne, nothing better then working in the dirt and preparing a veggie garden. Have fun and enjoy the process.
Love the little bunny stitch work. It does look like it was just completed after all these years.
Have fun with the new pillow. Love the fabrics you chose.
Have a nice weekend and happy creating and gardening.
Hugs, CM

karen said...

love your vegetable garden excitement!! You sound just like my mum...:)

Createology said...

I do hope your garden flourishes and feeds you all summer long. Bunny is now "vintage" and yet looks brand new, Love the fabrics for Bunny II. Creative Bunny Bliss Dear...

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Yummmm...fresh veggies! I love this little bunny piece. It's going to be so cute. Been thinking of you. Sending a hug. :)

Deb said...

The bunny pillow is so adorable and had held up well all these years, I love the choice of fabrics for the applique and look forward to seeing it.
I wish you lots of good veggies from your garden.

Laura said...

I am pretty sure I have been waiting over a decade!! I was sure it would be my birthday present, LOL. I can't wait to give away the new pillow and to get my old one back! XO