Sunday, April 5, 2015

every little bit...

trying to get from here to there
in so many ways, on so many fronts

when where you are isn't where you want to be things can really begin to feel rather disconnected

in the whole of a year i never feel that more than i do in the spring

i suppose that's why it's called "spring fever"???

a restlessness of body and soul

one thing i'm struggling with is the daily sketching/painting thing
daily writing is easy - two or three pages, 15 - 20 minutes, whatever comes into my head flows out on the paper

sketching and painting is far too absorbing to be limited by time, at least for me
i could have spent hours at each one, first sketching - refining shape and line, then the painting
they were taking forever, and i began to begrudge the whole thing

struggling first with just getting an idea, often sketching what i saw right in front of me... the one below was born from a desire to do something from my own head

i've copied from a scrap of paper

 from a painting in our daughter's home

each one taking hours

it got to where i sketched one day and painted the next but found i had often lost interest by the second day so then i was only sketching

 i set it all aside two weeks ago while i think on a different way to go about it

it seems a daily practice of sketching/painting is turning out to be another thing i want the benefit of but not the doing of

in the meanwhile i'm making a gift for my soon-to-be-seven niece

they have a dog named "russell"

and this soon-to-be zippered pouch, designed by yoko saito, is russell personified

the front features the appliqued and embroidered beast himself, sitting in front of his doghouse, whilst the back has a cute little crooked window 

i just need to add some embroidered grass and flowers and then make it up

this one not only has a gusset and a zipper - there's piping to be done

i'm really stretching myself here, but as always, one step at a time...

perhaps that's way to approach the other things - one sketch a time, one post at a time, one flower bed at a time, one closet at a time

a little bit here and there, always moving forward, understanding just how paralyzing inertia can be... as my mom has always said, 

"every little bit helps"


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

I think your drawings/paintings are sweet and that little zippered pouch is adorable. Your niece is going to 'love' it.

One thing at a time, enjoy the process, don't be hard on yourself, etc. etc. etc.!!!


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Wanting the benefit of but not the doing of - how powerful is that!! I think I spend an awful lot of time feeling exactly like that, but never have been able to put the feeling into words. Your paintings are sweet, but I understand the time-consuming aspect of them. I can understand the small amount of resentment you might feel over the time they take when you could be doing something else. I think being a creative person means being somewhat fickle and always feeling that there's something 'better' just around the corner. (Such a sweet little bag for your niece - 'Russell' is very cute!!)

Createology said...

Oh how cute is Russell in your fabric and stitchery. I am always amazed at how you so perfectly put into words what I have not even defined in my thoughts..."wanting the benefit of but not the doing of". Wow! When something we do becomes a chore than it is not longer enjoyable. I can't nail down any time to do something each and every day. I am lucky I even shower or brush my teeth daily for my lack of focus or whatever. LOL Blessings Dear Jillayne...

deanna7trees said...

i do like your sketchings and paintings but why push yourself to do something you are not enjoying. i have to be in the right mood to sketch or paint. i'm not very good at either one but sometimes i see a picture or a design that motivates me to try again.

Rachel said...

You might find that it would be easier if you had a theme for your painting/sketching, so you don't have to look for a subject. Certainly, if you want the benefit, there will somewhere be the trick that allows you to want the practise as well...

BumbleVee said...

Sometimes I just like to do 'easy' things to pass some hours.... or maybe only some minutes... of a day ....
Right now I am making some Dotee dolls...have you ever heard of them? They are pretty cute and fun and don't take me overlong to produce, and that is about all I feel like doing some days..... for whatever reason.... there is often no rhyme or reason to what or how we feel ..... it just happens... no big deal if we don't make it so.... well, that's how I view it anyway....

hope you have some warm spring days soon and can get outside and feel fresh air and springtime and get some new energy.... we are having snow for the third day in a row here in Calgary....sheeeeeesh.... springtime in Canada, eh? I'm waiting for the golf courses to open.... I wanna be out there whacking balls.....

Suztats said...

Russell is adorable! Your niece will love her Birthday gift!
Ah, I understand the wanting of, but not the doing of---For me it's the time needed to devote to the doing. I carried a wee sketchbook in my purse, and when I was waiting (for an appointment, a meeting, etc.) I would take advantage of the opportunity to sketch rough pieces--perhaps just the shape of a body in a certain pose, or the idea of a pattern in a blouse. Each might take 2 minutes max. and it would help me to see without being caught up in the details.
With my painting, I'd use one element from one of my photographs, and one day I would paint the colours, another the shape, and gradually train myself to use the brush and capture the essence of it quickly.( this took a long time to learn that capturing the essence of something quickly taught me more than trying to perfect each little detail). For me, I also found that my attitude could release me to experiment or tie me up. If I set out with the idea of playing with the colour, or just the shape, or capturing just one petal or leaf, I enjoyed the experience and learned more than if I set out to create a photorealistic representation of the entire subject matter. So, I learned by bits and pieces. Mind you, I'm still learning how to paint.....I hope I always will......
sorry I've written so much.
I can understand the frustration and the resentment.
Hope you find a solution that works for you. Hugs

deanna7trees said...

to Suztats....your comment was very helpful to me. thanks for going in depth in your response.

CelestinaMarie@SouthernDayDreams said...

Hi Jillayne, Such a true post!!
Moving forward in all ways is probably the biggest challenge for me in creating. My mind is so full of ideas and there is never enough time to work on all the thoughts. I have some really great weeks and then life gets in the way with so many interruptions that the routine changes and I get anxious to design. Keeping notes has helped me a lot to stay on target. When I run into an area I don't enjoy, which is somewhat rare, I move on.

I love all your sketches and everything you create is always fresh and inspiring.

Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment. Your words always give me an encouraging lift. I send the same back to you my friend.
Hugs, CM

karen said...

don't push too hard....and don't try and force something you aren't comfortable with either....we all do it I know but perhaps we should step back and do something we love whilst considering how and why we push ourselves this way and that and importantly...don't beat ourselves up if we don't go back to it....
Now I'm off to listen to my own advice lol....your drawings are lovely for what its worth and the pouch is adorable. That is a perfect gift for a 7 year old.

Monica said...

I have the same feelings. Being highly creative individuals, we have never enough, basically because we're nurtured by the creative process.
But in the end, overdoing is not fun and also, not healthy. So I have committed to cut the unnecessary, choosing JOY (my word of the year as you know!). What makes me jump for excitement has to stay (even if it's preserving apples or staring at my roses sitting in my Secret Garden with a vintage book on my lap, and read one page every now and then, or hiking, cooking, goingout for a stroll or whatever). What is a weight, has to go. Even if I'd really love doing it (in my mind). But it's a weight, so where's the point?
It takes away precious time and energy from what we really enjoy doing.
Less is more!! :)

Mosaic Magpie said...

I must preface this comment with the fact I have read the new post and had the benefit of reading the comments on this one.
Time seems to be the factor...time in doing what we want and time in doing what we feel is necessary. Yes, we do seem like a fickle bunch in jumping from one thing to another, while others have found their groove and flourish. What is it they found, when they found the one thing that makes their heart sing. Is it contentment, some inner fulfillment, some satisfaction? Did they welcome the hours of practicing, of sampling to find their place in the sun? Do they only do that one thing? Probably not, they probably dabble in this and that but their heart comes back to what calls them. Yesterday, I was praying for God to give me an answer....I did not hear a loud voice speaking to me...but I know if I watch there will be an answer. As it is with our lives, the path is there, we just have to be mindful of our steps.
Enjoy and be thankful for the process.