Tuesday, March 10, 2015

what now...

so what am i up to now, you might wonder???

a little of this, a little of that - not a lot of anything grand...

i'm supposed to be working on a class sample, but it's making me crazy and i had to stop for a day

it's a hand embroidery piece, doodle stitching, using some of the new embroidery threads our local shop is carrying now

i quickly realized my first design was not at all what i wanted so i went back to the drawing board and came up with something that was more along the lines of what i had originally wanted

half-way through the stitching i realized the colours weren't working out as planned
i ripped out the worst offenders, assessed the whole issue, figured out a new strategy and set to work - it's better and i have hope...

in the meanwhile, i got a tad fed up with myself, for an entirely different matter...

i've been wanting to sketch and paint for eons - for sure since i was in grade 8 when i had delusions of painting grandeur a la rembrandt

i've since taken several courses in watercolour and sketching, but i only ever sketch or paint during the class itself
 the rest of the time, the pencils and paints lie dormant in the bottom drawer

a couple of weeks ago i read an interesting post by this artist about how she had decided to take up a daily sketching practice

i was intrigued and after watching her a while i decided to do the same, sandwiched between my daily writing practice and breakfast... a very good spot for it, for two reasons....

the first because, if i do it before breakfast i likely won't tarry over it for too very long

  the second because, if you tag a desired habit to an existing habit you have better luck staying with it; i always write before breakfast and i always eat after writing - putting sketching in between the two gives it a much greater chance of being done every day

today was the third day, and today i read this, from here, which i am positively sure was written just.for.me

"it's not the things we learn nor the dreams we envision that determine our results, but rather the habits we practice each day"

well then

i wish i'd read that when i was 17 or 18
or even 26 or 27

maybe it wouldn't have sunk in before, sometimes words only really speak to you when you are ready to hear them

today i was

my first daily

nothing fancy, nothing "complete", but it was in front of me and i was in the mood for red

 and this - well, let's just say england is on my mind now - again

today was a part of a little button angel i made years ago

nothing amazing, nothing that needs to be laboured over - just something

in the same manner as the writing is meant to be thought-streaming, the sketching is just whatever comes to mind

or rather, to eye

 three days of it now and i already look forward to it

i have some paints, pencils, erasers and prepared papers all to hand

my "canvas" is 4.5" squares of torn water-colour paper - a nice size, easy to fill
i think i might make the next batch slightly smaller still
better use of the paper and even easier to fill

 i'm so happy i'm doing it - no goal, no agenda, other every morning, after emptying my head and before filling my tummy

i make a picture


Rachel said...

It's a good habit, and you will be amazed how quickly you will find yourself improving. It turns out, even ten minutes a day can make a huge difference!

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Way to go Jillayne!

I love the quote, thanks for sharing.

Love your button/lace/heart watercolor too. :-)

Happy Living each day ~ FlowerLady

Mosaic Magpie said...

Thank you for this post. I read with great interest the link to Mr. Clear and have signed up for his emails. With my recent interest in learning doll making I have found the techniques of daily practice to be rewarding. Not doing to do, but doing to learn, to see the difference...to see what makes a difference, to compare...really to enjoy the process.
I like your small squares of watercolour paper...they are similar to the 3x3 zentangle papers. Large enough for practice, but not so large as to overwhelm. I was practicing doing a zentangle every morning and somehow got out of the routine. You have encouraged me to once again have my paper squares, pens and pencils here by my chair. Out of sight/out of mind, no more.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I just took a quick peek at the article you sent us to and will be going back to read it in more depth. Reading what you've said about making something a daily practice is what I need to do with a project I've been procrastinating over. I have been typing (and publishing) old family diaries - so far I have one book published, a second ready to be printed, and the third in the process of being typed. Unfortunately I fell off the train over a year ago and haven't so much as touched it. I know I need to get back to it and maybe I really need to think about carving a time niche out of each day to work at it. Thanks!

Dorthe said...

The onlu habit I have , and try to keep, is taking a walk between my lunch and the afternoon tea.... that habit is good for my health - the creative part of my life, I`m not having scheduled anymore. That ended the day I closed my shop! the 19 years with the shop, and all the schedules I had to have, back then, was enough. Now I only do what I like and when I like. Well it does not give me as many wonderful results,of beautiful pieces and art as you get dear Jillayne , but so bee it.
I hope you recieved my thank you mail , dear, I love the little heart , it is on my blog, this week.
Happy drawing and painting and a great rest of the week, to you.
Dorthe, xo

Suztats said...

I enjoyed this. I've done daily practices in several areas over the years, and I know it makes a difference --in my attitude, my enthusiasm, and my results. Bit by bit my skills improved, my outlook became more open, and I immersed myself in those things I love to do.
Wishing you many happy hours between your rising and your breakfast!

Marj Talbot said...

Great idea, but I must agree with the above writer who ended the scheduling upon closing her shop. I guess since retirement, I've done much the same - just do what feels right for the day and some days not much at all. It works for you so that's great - you have a lot more to fit into your schedule than I so keep it up. Your sketching is wonderful - lovely for every day cards. Keep up the good work - happy times!!

Deb~Paxton Valley Folk Art said...

Wonderful Jillayne and a very interesting read about active practicing and passive learning, makes so much sense doesn't it? I wish you much success as you actively pursue your artistic dream.

Deb said...

I am going to put more effort into my practice habits, my plan for 2015 is to be more creative and while I am doing more I never thought to include a daily practice along with just doing a set project. Thank you for the links to the post this will help motivate me to make time for practice.

I love the idea of the small pieces of paper not just for less space to fill, the small paper gives a finished look. I have used scrap fabrics for some hand embroidery pieces.

CelestinaMarie@SouthernDayDreams said...

Great artful habits are very addictive to the heart. So glad you are finding a rhythm to your day and the joy of creating. Love your use of small watercolor papers.

Thanks for sharing and enjoy!!
Hugs, CM

The French Bear said...

Beautiful!!! I'm trying to get back to blogging so I wanted to stop in and say hello and see what you were doing. I love your water colors, you are so creative!!!
I see I have lots to catch up on.

Createology said...

How very wise of you to begin your days with purpose and creativity. I do not have the discipline to take time for myself and my pursuits. I very much enjoy seeng what you are creating and sketching. Creative Habits Bliss Dear...

karen said...

I love them, tiny snapshots of your pre breakfast mind!!