Thursday, October 2, 2014

lessons learned...

seems every day i learn a new lesson... a different awareness settles on me, puzzle pieces suddenly coalesce into a picture i can understand

the one i have been coming back to again and again of late is that a clutter of objects clouds the beauty of the individual

another way of saying less is more, perhaps, but somehow slightly different

the flowers below were crocheted on a very fine crochet hook using size 8 valdani perle cotton

i love the effect achieved with the over-dyed thread - subtle, soft

three are pretty

two are sweet

one, enchanting

the quilt shop where i work has moved, and in that process of moving, many hundreds of bolts of fabric were put on sale 

as the move progressed, and more and more shelves were taken from the store, the bolts were moved about
along the way, the sense of order in their arrangement became lost and they ended up in rows of mish-mashed colour and style, randomly put back into the first available spot after each purchase

it became very hard to look at!

i had the honour of being the one to work on the very last day, when the discount deepened to 70% off

making use of the early morning quiet, i tried re-organizing the bolts as best i could into colour and style groupings, trying for a sense of cohesion and organization - i didn't get very far before it got busy

as people began coming into the store you could sense the difficulty they had in trying to make sense of the mess, finding it difficult to find fabrics they wanted to buy - a mess of bolts leaning this way and that, colour everywhere; bright pink in the midst of green, garish in it's differentness

together, it all looked cheap

but as people began to find one or two they liked, and brought them to the counter for cutting, others stopped to take notice of this fabric or that

"if you're not taking all of it, i'd like a piece" was heard over and over again - many bolts never did make it back to the floor, but were cleaned out by people farther down the line, waiting their turn, watching...

on their own, they looked like something special

as the mr. was safely in alberta for a few days, i brought that lesson home on the weekend and spent a day and a half pulling all my fabric out from every nook and cranny
i sorted and stacked and grouped and organized every single bit of it, including scraps - there wasn't a piece of fabric in this house that i didn't lay my hands on and consider, by itself, for itself

it wasn't just a great purge, although there definitely was some of that, rather, i like to think of it as a re-connection

reacquainting myself with the tools of my trade

fabric isn't just a thing i use to make a thing i want

it's a living, breathing, inspiring, can't be without thing 


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

If we can't see what we have to work with in a pleasing manner, then we lose some of our inspiration.

Good post and sweet little crocheted flowers.

Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

karen said...

it sounds like it did you good to see the fabric from both perspectives, how isolating each piece allowed it to become special again. Cute flowers too!

Dorthe said...

Dear Jillayne,
Isen`t it almost the same with people,....placed in some situations we can seem without value,-withdrawn and not notisable at all ,whereas in other situations, the same person, will be loved , notised and admired !! I believe that each person and every thing has it`s
beauty, only in some situations overshadowed when put in the wrong place !
I love your sweet flowers, and wish you
happy hours in the new spot you are going to work now !
Hugs Dorthe

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

It's one of my favorite things to do..reorganize and reconnect with fabrics and projects. So are you still working at the store or is it gone for good?

Createology said...

Each tiny little crocheted flower is as sweet as you my friend. If only I had been in that fabric store to help you and enjoy everyone's purchases including our own. Dare to Delight Dear...