Tuesday, May 6, 2014

snippety bits and pieces

may is "snippets"

it's such a fun word, one i am happy to re-visit
the first time 'round it inspired a snippety bit heart

this time, i'm hoping for a whole quilt

this little scrap of a picture is getting me started

giving me a few ideas, things to try

 pulling fabric possibilities

and thread

why does he inspire me, i asked myself... 

the colour, the text, the branch for sure

but i also love this imagery - the little bird poised on the branch, holding on tight, safe in it's perch but ready to leap into the unknown

with pretty treasures on it's back

kind of like how i feel right now... 

karen is teaching alchemy again... my favourite class ever

i love how this class stretches you, helps you find your own way, all the while supporting and inspiring

it's a springboard that helps you land squarely in your own lovely pile of creativity

 i'm thinking i'll make a quilted wall-hanging, but i'm willing to see how the journey unfolds

 i've a pile of fabric and thread pulled out to play with

and a number of various images to inspire... this little guy is only the first... i'm off on an exploration of design, colour, stitch, etc. etc. etc

for the scientific sewing of wonderful things!


deanna7trees said...

a lovely start for alchemy. i'm taken with the white background cloth in the last image. it looks like a gathering of white leaves.

Createology said...

Now I adore your little birdie image and inspiration...all the fabrics and threads...however I have no idea what you have in mind to create. I just know it will be something "unexpected" and miraculous with your amazing talents. You have peaked my curiosity dear...

Tina @ TinyBear Studio said...

it's a wonderful little snippet piece Jillayne. Would have inspired me too. Can't wait to see what you create with this. love the color theme.

Deb~Paxton Valley Folk Art said...

Snippet, what a wonderful word! Love your snippety start and your inspiration is delightful, can't wait to see where you journey to.

Janie said...

Beautiful inspiration,you can't go wrong with your choices. I'll enjoy seeing what you come up with.

karen said...

beautiful post Jillayne...so much gorgeousness to look at