Sunday, May 25, 2014

all in a day's play

thursday i had a few spare hours to putter along with this project some more...

 i started with a thread wrap - i love doing them

they look like candy

"thread candy"

i'm going to try another one this week, one that will represent the idea of the branch a little better i think... i hope...

 i like how these fit together

along the way of this playing i've been doing, this sampling, i've come to embrace the merits of it more and more with each thing i do

a voyage of discovery - well, perhaps in my case, it's a  flight

i think i wasn't even half way through basting the blocks from my previous post when i decided they wouldn't work with what i'm doing - quilt blocks, yes, those colours - no

so, with my new idea at hand, i quickly laid out two more and immediately knew they were right

i've basted them now and am thankfully still convinced they will work

the batik fabric on the left of the piece above, the one with the writing... i bought that two decades ago on a 50% off rack - it has traveled the alaska highway three times, marking time on a shelves, waiting for the right thing to come along

there is some merit to having a fabric stash
{i'll concede there is probably not enough merit to warrant the size of my fabric stash, but... it is pretty stunning when you can haul out that perfectly perfect piece and know that it was well worth hanging on to!}

i'm still refining the initial draft of the tentative layout of the possible project

sketches are next i think...


Marj Talbot said...

The "candy wrap" is really nice and goes so well with your fabric choices. Can't wait to see this one progress. I really like the bird. A stash is perfect for what you're doing. As mine disappeared, it became more difficult to "piece" things together. You go girl - nice stuff and thanks tons for sharing.

FredaB said...

The bird piece is wonderful. You have the colors just right. I too enjoy the thread wrapping.

I am anticipating watching this grow into a wonderful project.


Suztats said...

This is quite a process you are going through. I'm enjoying watching from the sidelines.

Dorthe said...

Jillayne, I love the blocks from your last post, but I admit that the new ones are are so beautiful in colours and fits the birs piece, so very well.
Have fun dear .

Createology said...

I adore how you "sample" everything to see/visualize what you are thinking in your creative mind. Threads, fabrics and images are all beautiful. Using your "good stuff" bless you dear. "If not now...when?" Creative Blissful Play!

karen said...

this is a wonderful post, crammed with beautiful images and the cloth in the backdrop, the first two images, made my jaw drop!