Tuesday, April 15, 2014

the thing of it

the thing of it...

well, the thing of it is, i realized the other day i often show the start of things, or tell the start of the "story" but i think i rarely come back and show the end, or tell it even...

so this post will be a bit of a meander, mostly through my head and what's been going on in it of late

firstly, though, i finished my batik fabric ribbon-embroidery needle case

 the colours here are a tad too vivid - they're a little more subdued than this, but still vibrant - just not quite so - fluorescentish

i do like the blue trim i added - crocheted dmc #5 perle coton

the lining was just pinned to the inside when i took this picture - hence the "dimple" at the bottom right
i've since sewn the lining in place (although the felt is only pinned inside, but that's just so i can show it in stages at the class

it was wonderful working in bright colours for a change, and doing embroidery - i have a hankering for more so you may well see more of it in the days to come

 more lacy crochet too - not done with that either

other things i'm not done with...

i'm still going to gym/pool regularly - two months now and loving it, especially the swimming
i've only had to share the pool twice, and even then, only for about ten minutes each time - how amazingly wonderful that is to me... like my own private place
the windows are floor to ceiling and face the lake - i can see the hills all around 
and it's helping my knees as well

remember way back at the beginning of january when i mentioned i was reading the artist's way and writing each day?

i have only missed one day since january 1st

and this is also something i have come to love

every morning i sit down and write, thought-streaming, whatever comes to mind
mostly it's about creative plans for the day, the things i long to do, the things i should do, the things i need to quit putting off doing
i can't say enough about brilliant it is - it really does empty things out
sometimes it's personal stuff, but very rarely, and not by design - it seems that most of what i need to deal with and sort out is of a creative nature 

my brown calendar book with all the squares?
the ring bound one i thought was just to special to use but decided i would use it anyway, as a visual record of my creative activities for the week?
i've done fairly well with that - weeks when i have tried out interesting things, i have put a sample in there with an annotation
and planned creative things using the calendar section
nothing fancy, or in-depth, but it's a start

my little stitch-history book i made, where i am going to record my history of needle and thread?
i've slipped up there - as you know, the book is bound, but i haven't done much else with it lately - i have made a list of all the people that have influenced me over the decades, and in what ways, so now i can set to work on the samples

but it still all seems a mish-mash to me 

a little of this here and that there, so i am going to try something new - a little different

i recently discovered edith m. holden's "country diary of an edwardian lady" and was completely smitten with her wonderful record of a year in the countryside, complete with diary notes and her charming watercolour paintings

and then i read monica's post about the difference between a journal and a diary: diaries are for recording what you do and journals are for recording what you think

and that is precisely my problem - i've been trying to do both, and getting completely bogged down with books and notes and bits of paper, here and there and everywhere

i need to combine them - a record of what i am thinking, what i do, and how i did it 

and what i want to do next

samples and notes and diagrams and ideas, all wrapped up in one book
with daily entries
some will be small and others grand
but at least i will have one place to look to when i am wondering how i did something, or what my bright idea was - one place to work it out

the thing of it is... it's still april, and it's still "organize"...


suziqu's thread works said...

Your little needle book looks so sweet the way you have embellished the front with your batik ribbon flowers!

I love going to the gym and join in about 3 classes a week. It is a wonderful way to keep fit and make some lovely friends also. I hate to miss it after going for 4 years now and I'm sure you will feel the same the longer you go.

Yes I think it's important to put all your ideas in the one book. I do try to do this if not too impatient but somehow I rarely revisit it as I'm already onto the next idea.

Sending hugs,

Monica said...

Of course I LOVE this post! A bit messy, creative, chatty, colored, honest :) I've been thinking A LOT of you, will tell why in a few days, but don't want to give it away now, so it will be a surprise (like your mentioning me here! ♡).
I also do the same, I mean my journals/diaries are both of them, mainly thoughts, but I also add simple notes about this and that, tickets, mementoes etc. It's what works for me!! (And they are just messy and far from being perfect, keeping them for myself I don't care!!)
Big hugs from the Cotswolds,
Monica xoxo

Monica said...

P.S. Have seen your comment now!!
Why don't you transform the "bitter" part into "intention" (and just keep the sweet ;))? I know you know what I mean! Do not consider it negatively, but the DRIVING FORCE to bring you here again!
Love to you xoxo

Marj Talbot said...

A very nice needle book indeed. You can never have too many of those. I like the addition of the crocheted scallop in a pretty blue. Thanks for sharing your ideas and thoughts - so moving and inspiring.

Janie said...

The flowers are beautiful, great idea.

karen said...

I enjoyed joining you for your meander through your thoughts....and it occurred to me that you could print this out and put it in your ''daily thoughts'' journal.I don't wish to distract you even further but have you seen this book, it came to mind whilst I was reading this post.

CelestinaMarie@SouthernDayDreams said...

Hi Jillayne.
Your needle book is so pretty and I love the front design you created with your ribbon flowers. Gorgeous crocheted edging in blue too. It really makes the flowers stand out.
It is so great to have a routine of regular activity going on like you do. Now that the weather is getting warmer I will be swimming laps everyday in our pool. In between, I lift weights and run on a stepper.
It is very special that you found your footing with writing your thoughts down. I have started to meditate and find this very helpful too.

Wishing you a very special Easter.
Blessings always.

Suztats said...

Love your little needlebook, Jillayne. I enjoyed wandering with you through your thoughts and plans.Your word of the month is giving you quite a work out.

Deb~Paxton Valley Folk Art said...

Your needlebook is exquisite Jillayne, the blue crochet lace border is the perfect finishing touch! I have been contemplating journaling as well and I did start an 'accomplishments' journal this year with pictures of all I've created. It is amazing to look back and to see what you've created, very fulfilling and quite surprising! But I haven't done any journaling or diary writing with it and that is something that I'd like to incorporate. But baby steps as they say, I'll see if I can keep up with recording the pictures of my 'makes' and then take it from there. Happy Easter to you and yours! Deb

Createology said...

Always such a treat to stop by and read what you are sharing. Love your needle book with the batik ribbon embroidery and crocheted edging. Kudos for you keeping up with your plans of swimming and writing. Lovely to read what you are considering and what you are doing. I am always intrigued with how your creative mind works. Joyful Creative Bliss Dear...

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Hi ya sweets! You are doing so good with keeping up with everything. Woo hoo! I purchased that book The Artists Way a few years ago and haven't even opened it. So good for you on reading it! Maybe I can get my act together and do the same.

Diane said...

What a wonderful idea.

Hugs diane