Wednesday, April 9, 2014

round and round...

and round i go

fabric, to writing, to crochet, to sketching, to painting, to...
i get accused sometimes of losing focus, of getting distracted

i suppose it's true, in some ways, but it certainly is not my fault

if i wasn't meant to be distracted, there wouldn't have been so many wonderful things invented

nor so many still waiting to be

that's how i see it

here's my latest attraction-distraction

 a simple little table mat with some free form applique; all the shapes are being sewed in place using a simple running stitch, a scant 1/4" or so in from the edge

 once all the applique is finished it will get layered and quilted

after that, it goes in the washing machine and then all those lovely raw edges will fray

 and this will be a pretty little shabby chic table mat

 a very "pink" pretty little shabby chic floral table mat

 while i was working on this last night i was thinking about how much i liked some of the flowers and motifs on the fabric

how easy it would be sketch some of them, and then paint them, some could even be embroidered, and wouldn't they make adorable little coasters, or even gift tags - or perhaps birthday cards - or what it i made the squares smaller, with even tinier appliques - now those would be adorable cards...

 and round and round and round i went again


Deb~Paxton Valley Folk Art said...

Well please stay on your merry-go-round Jillayne because the pieces you create on it are delightful!

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

I look forward to seeing this piece after it has become shabby. I love how it looks already and know I'll like the new look also.

Happy Easter ~ FlowerLady

CelestinaMarie@SouthernDayDreams said...

What beauty you are creating round and round!! The colors are gorgeous and so perfect for spring.
It is going to be gorgeous when complete.
So shabby and chic.
Happy sewing.

karen said...

carry on with your distractions and diversions...they are pretty enough to eat and yes, all the birthday cake has gone....oops.

karen said...

carry on with your distractions and diversions...they are pretty enough to eat and yes, all the birthday cake has gone....oops.

FredaB said...

You are a very creative soul and never apologize for that. You come up with such wonderful ideas and your writing itself is a joy to read.

You would not be happy any other way and we would miss you so.


Createology said...

Welcome to the wonderful merry-go-round of creativity. We are blessed to lose focus when it comes to being creative. This soft pink shabby floral table mat is lovely and speaks to my girly side. Oh how I love your round and round and thinking and doing and creative bliss dear!

Cherie said...

Round and Round we go, yes it happens. Sometimes it feels like we are on a merry go round that never stops. Distractions, and so many things to try. But it is fun, isnt it? We would probably be bored without it all.
Love your colours and squares of patchwork.

Wendy said...

lovely flowers and colour palette you're using

Suztats said...

I too go round and round from embroidery to writing to photography to painting to multi-media, to beading, to gardening, to music, to.........and the list keeps growing.
The trick is not to get too dizzy! lol
Stay on that ride, Jillayne-- I love seeing all you create.