Friday, March 14, 2014

feeling sketchy...

funny where a day can take you...

i was feeling at a loose end again today, wanting to do something but not really knowing what...

rifling through my fabric cupboard this morning, i found myself drawn to this piece of fabric

 "mill book series", it's a line of reproduction fabrics
i love it's sketchy, wildflower feel... lately i discovered edith holden and have found myself drawn to all things botanical...

 today i dabbled in this and that, flitting like a bee in high summer, from one flowering plant to the next...

this is an embroidery transfer, ironed on to a linen napkin fragment

rather than fill in the open spaces with embroidery, which is the usual manner of working with these, i chose instead to tack tiny little snips of fabric in place using ultra-fine thread and a size 12 quilting needle 
even then, many snippets were just too small and frayed apart as i slid the needle through

i persevered though and managed to add the bud before my patience gave out!
{let me just say, good tweezers are an essential tool for this technique!}

 debating how much of the design i want to fill in, and whether or not embroidery thread should be used to add detail to the fabric filling... i'm thinking yes, but only delicately

such a soft effect...

 setting that aside, i turned to an online art class from last summer/fall and viewed some of the videos i hadn't yet had a chance to see

junelle jacobsen from "yes and amen" is amazing and i love her art

i'm also learning to love sketching...

practicing lettering today

 last summer i managed to sit outside for two hours and sketch a small corner of my herb garden, showing the driftwood fence i made several years back

rosemary, sage and marjoram
 in sister's, oregon last year i sketched the little scene below

in marc's sister and husband's back yard - i loved the old stump and log, with the potted peonies, waiting for planting

 below is some kind of random flower - i think a carnation perhaps
{must remember to make notes!}

 and today, some hanging herbs

this year i hope to dry even more than other years, sewing up little muslin bags for gifting them, hopefully with a little water-colour tag of sketches by yours truly

 planting, drying, sketching, sewing, painting, all done by me

 i'll like that


Deb~Paxton Valley Folk Art said...

What a lovely artfilled day you had Jillayne! Love your fabric snippets embroidery, I don't think I'd have the patience to do that! And your sketches are delightful, you are so multi-talented! Deb

Marj Talbot said...

Your fabric snippets/embroidery combined with your sketches would make lovely greeting cards. Just a thought.
Love the mill book series - wildflowers - always a delight to find while strolling through nature's paths. Makes me anxious to get out in the motorhome!!

CelestinaMarie@SouthernDayDreams said...

Perfect days indeed Jillayne.
Love your flower work with tiny snippets of fabric. Such a delicate artform and your do it so well. The mill book series is incredible. Love the wildflower design.
Love your sketches from your garden too. Your talents are huge my friend.
Have a creative weekend.

Suztats said...

What patience you have to attach those tiny scraps to the flower....but it does add a nice texture and dimension. I enjoyed seeing your sketches, and your plans for gifts of herbs all from your hand is a wonderful one.

karen said...

your sketches are stunning Jillayne....dare I suggest they would make fabulous transfers???

Createology said...

Reading this post on my nook at 3 AM while not being able to sleep did NOT show the details I see here and now on my large monitor. Tweezers and NO sneezing with these tiny little snippets that make up such a lovely flower bud. Your stitching journal must be truly filling up with amazing creations you stitch my friend. Blissful...

Cherie said...

Your sketches are a pleasure to look at. Yes they would make great transfers.
Love your word play.
Patience is definitely the word to describe you with your fabric applique. It was worth it because they are so sweet.

suziqu's thread works said...

Oh that first botanical fabric is soooo beautiful! Love it!
You have the patience of a saint embroidering with those very tiny tiny snippets of fabric Jillayne. I'm sure when finished after adding some embroidery thread they will look stunning.
And another skill to add to your repertoire - drawing and sketching. These look so pretty and they would look lovely with a little water colour added!
Enjoy a creative week.
Thanks for your lovely comments too!

BumbleVee said...

ahahaha,.....I gave up stitching for a few weeks... taking a simple drawing class..
... we are still snow's snowing today,tomorrow, and the next day.... sigh.... if the highways weren't so horrible I'd be coming out your way Jillayne....