Sunday, February 2, 2014

sunday funday...

beautiful sunday...

sundays are always happy days for me, today, especially so

we're going to a friend's for dinner, and she is an amazing cook, and hostess
and rack of lamb is on the menu

i recently purchased a book on 17th and 18th century fashion in detail... if you know me at all, you know i am all about the details

it's a lovely, lovely book and in it, i discovered fly fringe

i'm hooked!

first though, i'll share some close-ups of my lace paper...

it needs hand-stitching but i find myself distracted yet again...

pretty though, huh?

and sure as anything it distracted me from something else...

for now it's the perfect back-drop for my fly fringe 

first i made one using green and white for the base and blue with a strand of yellow for the flies

today i started another, using more strands to add a little weight, and tied double flies

coral in two values

laid on top of each other, they begin to give the effect i'm looking for

fly fringe is like a happy little garden dancing along a sleeve, frill, neckline, anywhere really - there are some lovely dresses over in pinterest and i've started a new board of my own called "pretties"

isn't it just the cutest thing?

 i think i'm hooked

the tutorial i found advised using a knotting shuttle but the ones i found online had such high shipping costs i thought i'd try without one and see how i fared - working with a smaller length, about 12", i didn't find it any trouble at all - fiddly, but not hard
 i've been told a tatting shuttle would probably work but i don't have any of those either so i'll keep on using my fingers

next up is to dig out some of over-dyed silk floss... the colours are far more muted than what i have used so far but i think this fringe would look adorable in just about any colour combination

so there i am, tied up in knots and loving every minute!


deanna7trees said...

such pretty laces in your paper. i'm thinking some beads to add weight in your fly fringe and you'd have a lovely necklace. i will definitely be trying this if i can steal a minute or 2 from all my other distractions.

Mosaic Magpie said...

Oh, this is neat! Would be pretty on my little Wee Care gowns....need to find a tutorial.

Celestina Marie Design said...

HI Jillayne,
This technique is gorgeous. Your fly fringe is beautiful and I can see this could be very addicting.
Your lace paper is beautiful too.

Have fun and happy creating.

Suztats said...

This looks fantastic. Love your lace paper!

Createology said...

Very beautiful lacy paper. As for your "fly fringe" it is fabulous. What a fun thing to do with threads. Great for embellishments...anyplace, anytime, any projects! You do come up with the most fun "distractions" dear...

Mosaic Magpie said...

Okay, you sent the link and I went over to see how to create the fly fringe....WOW that is a lot of work! Knots in just the right places to create the fringe...You rock girl as your fringe is beautiful!