Thursday, February 20, 2014

if not now, when?


what a question huh?

"if not now, when?"

those four words have been running through my head a lot lately, relating to all manner of things... but it started here, with what you see below

 in amongst the busyness of finishing off some gifts long overdue, i take mini-breaks and work on samples for my little stitch history book

the grandmother's flower garden quilt pattern figures prominently in my quilting journey...

my mother-in-law gifted gifted us with a hand-pieced, hand-quilted one shortly after we were married, and it was the first pattern she taught me when i expressed a desire to learn to quilt

{she made me templates from a popsicle box and the other day i found one of them - so cool, and now it will be added to the book as well}

for my book sample i needed something small, so i dug out some 1" pre-cut hexagons and began basting fabric to them, using favourite scraps and even a little bit of the silk i purchased at john lewis whilst on our trip to london last year

once i had pieced enough together to make me happy i cast my eyes around my fabric stash looking for a suitable background... nothing looked good - nothing

finally, in desperation, and more for a lark, i laid it on my tweed fabric from pitlochry, scotland

it was perfect

perfectly perfect

but i didn't want to use it - i bought only one metre and some has already been used in the christmas stocking i made for my son
i was saving it for something special...

and then those words came along... if not now, when? and for what?

after a little dithering, and yet more searching amongst the stacks and piles, i finally gave in

trimmed out with pinking shears, i am smitten

 then to my stash of sampling i have done from my simply stitch 3 class
{which was absolutely awesome, by the way... simply stitch four begins on monday - yay!}

laying things together, trying this and that... precious bits of cloth, all working together, impossible to choose

i'm so glad i decided now was when

another incident that prompted that same thought... i had knee surgery in november and the verdict was bad arthritis

with the dire threat of a knee replacement at some point in the future i need to work hard at flexibility and strength... i've been waiting for it to get better before joining a gym, but i finally realized it's gone as far as it will without some extra effort

one of the local hotels sells memberships to their athletic club, which comprises of a small gym, an indoor-outdoor pool and an outdoor hot tub, all with magnificent views of the lake and mountains

i had pretty much decided i wouldn't join this gym -  i have dodged bathing suits and pools for many years

but as i thought about it and realized how much i loved the water as a child and how much i have missed it, i decided it was a true shame not to experience the joy of the water again

so today i bit the bullet

 i swam for fourty-five minutes - i had the whole pool to myself and it was - well, i just can't quite describe how i felt - pure joy, it was

sewing room purge, using favourite fabrics, getting back to childhood joys - now is finally when, and i can't wait until the next time those words pop into my head - i just know there will be something amazing afoot...

so i ask you, what are missing out on that would make them pop into yours? 


Louise Michie said...

You are so right - it must be now not later or never. Use the good stuff. Why do we buy fine china? For special occasions? There comes a time in our lives when we realise that this is that special occasion. Will we be run over by a speeding train tonight and never have the pleasure of using the good stuff? I bought it for me not someone else. I like it. It is mine. I am using it. At the rate the world is going there may be no tomorrow.

Createology said...

I have honestly been saying exactly that phrase..."If not now, when?" At my age NOW is when! Your stitchings are amazing and I look forward to seeing your stitch history book. Good for you joining your gym and I am certain the pool will be the very best for your knee as it has no impact issues. NOW my dear friend...NOW!!! I so enjoy your most thoughtful posts Dear...

Wendy said...

great choice to use the tweed, it looks perfect. I'm terrible for not using fabrics as they're "special". Unfortunately, that's most of the fabrics I own!

deanna7trees said... is the time to do and use all those things you love. living in the's all we have really.

karen said...

I sometime long to get my swimming stuff out....I loved swimming. You may have tempted me. The hexagon piece lives perfectly with the white too....

Deb said...

Great post, love how the tweed fabric looks, and you are spot on in the now is the when, after my heart attack in 2011 I realized that, I began to look through new eyes and saw in reality I have more year behind me now then a head of me so I want to make the best of those years and stop waiting for the right time.

Celestina Marie Design said...

Hi Jillayne, what a great post. If not now. when? The fabric is pefect and it looks gorgeous with your quilt sample.
I remember my mother and grandmother saving pretty things in a cedar chest for something special. When they passed away, they were still there in the chest. Someday special never came.
So I believe completely!! if not now, when? Go with your heart, (when) may never come again.

How wonderful you found a template from your mother in law's teachings.
Have a great weekend.

Mosaic Magpie said...

I think we all need a nudge to use those things we save for special occasions. We are not promised tomorrow so indeed, If not now, when! You have inspired me to get those unused things out and enjoy using them.
I once heard someone say, they used items they loved in their jewelry creations....those bits they found to be beautiful and interesting would be the things others would find beautiful and interesting too.

Suztats said...

The hexagons look perfectly at home on the tweed-- soft against rough, delicate against strength, then laid on the white....gorgeous!
Kudos for joining and how lovely your swim was filled with joy......
Now is always the time.......

Marj Talbot said...

As the lyrics go, yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift that's why we call it the present. You are combining yesterday today and tomorrow in what you do. I couldn't agree more - when is now!! Today is our precious present - thanks for sharing such a thought provoking post

Laura said...

I was so scared to run with all of that tendonitis trouble in the fall, but today I did my first run on the treadmill at work in months. Hurt so good! :)

Very proud of you!!