Sunday, February 9, 2014

blue on blue...

i think i pretty much like all the colours
{excepting for bright purple - i cannot abide bright purple...}

but i do love blue

if i had to pick only one, for all time, it would be blue

as i auditioned different silk fabrics to place behind this bit of paperwork, everything looked positively drab until, and after, i tried this blue

the frayed bit most certainly gave it an edge - ahem - but it was the colour that decided it

 i also got to work on the fabric for the spine area of my stitch history book...

i took the last big piece of that wonderful calico and created a surface from all manner of left-over bits of lace, silk, linen and cotton... left-overs... who knew?

little bits of embroidery here and there, melding cloth and scraps together

 i could have stitched on this for ever, it's addicting really
 every little bit you do leads you to a new area of the cloth and the urge to prettify it takes hold

good word huh?


below you will see the book cover all put together... and now hopefully understand what i was striving for with adding the bits of white and cream to the calico...

fabrics extending

 normally, the book cloth for the spine area of a book is made of linen, for strength


mine is muslin, with cotton, with bits and pieces, fused to tissue paper, the edges cut with pinking shears, in the hopes of a frayed, organic edge

 the centre "cameo" area was purposefully left rumpled... this book is to house my history in stitch and i want it to have a well-worn, comfortable, "please can i touch it" look

 the back i left fairly plain, letting the lines be a little more distinct

and finally, the inside

 these bits will be all covered up when the book block is in so for posterity, here's what it looked like

it doesn't bother me to cover all this pretty stitchery with paper glue - it's still there really, i know it, adding layers 

the picture tutorial on sewing the signatures is almost ready - photos taken and edited, just the text remaining... i'll be back with that tomorrow for those who requested it


Bead and Needle said...

Boy, I wish you'd come down here, because I have a lot of things that need prettifying! This is is everything you touch. And next time, for your "edge joke" up there...

Wonderful, happy Sunday to you, my friend - XOXOXO

deanna7trees said... that word. and you did a beautiful job. can't wait until tomorrow.

Mosaic Magpie said...

Oh, I can't wait for tomorrow! The calico encrusted cover is so peaceful and interesting. All those bits of scrap...stitched into beauty!

Marj Talbot said...

Now that is a perfect example of prettified. The calico is so nice and all the stitchery - it's a truly wonderful book cover and a great work of art. Thanks to the artist for sharing this project - I love it, love it, love it. Your treasured book of stitchery - how wonderful.

Suztats said...

Prettified, indeed! I love it.

Createology said...

When I open your blog I read and re-read and view the photos over and over again. I absorb your beautiful works of art and am speechless. I would love to run my fingers lightly over your Prettified Cloth. "Please can I touch it?" Your book will be such an heirloom to treasure forever and beyond. Your work is true artistry and you my friend are the artist! Creative Bliss Dear...

Rose said...

Prettified! So lovely to look at and it would be great to hold!

karen said...

I love this much gorgeousness....the inside of the book is divine and I know it's there and you also have the picture. Why don't you print it and put it in the book? (feel free to ignore me)