Sunday, January 12, 2014

play days

we had a big snowfall the other day

i got up to a beautiful, magical white world all around me
sitting in the living room, reclined in the wingback chair by the front window, this was my view

the trees across the street are massive, and oddly enough, when i look out at them from my sewing room window which is one floor above, i can look up and see the tops of them stretching high in the air, but they never look as big as they do from this vantage

i suppose it's a design truth, something to do with compartmentalization and all that...

i've been thinking a lot about design lately

 i found some painting i did long ago

watercolour washes that were sprinkled with various things like salt

studying effects

this plummy grey one caught my eye and i cut a few diamond shapes to play with
 they're going in my "john lewis likes diamonds" ledger book

{john lewis is the store in london where i bought the book - it's cover is grey - sigh, and the diamonds are the theme for my next quilt}

i cut several so i could play around with different techniques on them - tomorrow i am going to try some embroidery, and perhaps some cutwork

i love the "frostiness" of them

 tucked under them was this scrap of embroidery i did a while back

perfect for my stitch history book
(i really must think of a better name for it while i'm at naming things...)

 i've prepared all the signatures and they are in the spine clamps right now, getting compressed for a nice binding fit
tomorrow i am hoping to get the binding done but i still have not figured out the cover...

 i've decided that i don't have to do the chapters in chronological order, but i've made a list of everyone and everything i want to include and i'll do each as the mood strikes;
examples of where i've been, where i am, and who i met along the way

this bit below is indicative of where i've been for the last few years - rumpled fabrics, soft colours, geometric and floral; rectilinear and curvilinear - yin and yang

 the next bit is representative of the first patchwork i ever did

scraps of fabric my mom gave to me

i laid them out, with all right sides facing, and an overlap for joining... a simple running stitch held it all together

i didn't really like how it looked, sewn that way, and then neighbour lady's visiting mother showed me how to put the fabrics right sides together and sew the seam, folding it open, with the seam then on the back, out of sight

i was thrilled, hooked, over the moon

what you see here reminds me of that first piece - i remember a bit of fabric that was striped and had lots of bright orange in it, placed like this, on the right, with the lower edge angled

i just kept adding on

i have no idea whatever happened to it - it never did get finished, but disappeared like so many childhood things

the memory is here though, and the images and feelings as fresh in my head as when i could see and touch it

once the book is bound i'll attach this to a page and write it's story

 when i first decided to do this i wondered how i would find enough memories to fill a book

i have a really bad feeling this might turn out to be just the first volume...


Celestina Marie Design said...

Hi Jillayne, what beauty in your snowfall and the pic of the gorgeous snow covered trees is so inspiring. I can see why you create such gorgeous works.
Love the frosted look in your project and the plans you have going forward. Yes, I can see how you might need to create volumes. Your childhood memories are precious and they gave you wings to where you are now and the designs you create. It's like the snowball effect, it grows and grows when you start to really pull the memories together.

Enjoy the day and Happy Creating.

Mosaic Magpie said...

Interesting to think about how you have grown in your stitching journey...and just as interesting is how much you will continue to grow. What a nice representation of where you have been. I have to smile thinking about you using a bright orange fabric.

Marj Talbot said...

Those are certainly not your colours of late. Nice to be able to put your memories in once place but I'll bet when you're finished this journal, you'll think of more that you've missed. Your little embroidery piece is so nice - you do such nice stitching - a book of t hose would be nice as well. Our snow is melting thankfully - had enough for now.

FredaB said...

I put our Christmas card book that you made out at Christmas. It was a pleasre looking through the cards again. Hopefully I will be looking at it for a few more years.

Your new book sounds wonderful and will be a joy for your friends to read. Could you explain a bit about putting the signatures in a clamp.


karen said...

I made it!!! Your book is going to be fabulous ledger....full of stitched history and inspiration and I am so very jealous of your view....

Dorthe said...

Dear Jillayne,
Oh you have so much going on, -so many beautiful creations and thoughts. Love the grey painting with the salt effect, it looks fantastic,--have tried it myself, some time ago -- and love your yin/yang embroidery.
The memory book, will be a place for your heart to return to every once in a while.
Hugs from Dorthe

Createology said...

How I do adore everything you do. Your ledgers and bound books will be your legacy for generations to come. You are giving your gift of stitching and art so generously to so many via your blogging and your documenting your journey. I am entranced with your dedication to thread, needle, paper, pen and more. Happy New Year Dear and Creative Blessings...

Deb~Paxton Valley Folk Art said...

I'm so amazed that you have something that precious from your childhood, a first step in your journey with fabric and stitches and that you remember it's story so clearly! And it's not a bad thing that this will be your first volume Jillayne, how wonderful to have all these precious memories to preserve! Deb

Karen B. said...

Dear sweet Jillayne,

I just love, love the little piece of embroidered fabric! So beautiful!
Karen B. Todolwen

Wendy said...

so wonderful to be able to weave a story into a piece of art like that. The salt paper is beautiful.