Monday, January 13, 2014

mucking about...

knee deep in thread and snippety bits of fabric and lace...

i had such fun in my sewing room today - more fun that i have had in a very long time

playing around with several ideas, experimenting, taking chances
sometimes i get so attached to how something looks that i'm afraid of mucking it up

the piece below is a case in point

the first thing i was afraid of messing up was a good-sized chunk of my salt-spattered mauve watercolour paper... i really like it, a lot, and if i messed it up, well, there isn't any more

you'd think i'd have a little more confidence, especially when working with fabrics and lace that i really like, but to be truthful, most days i don't

karen showed us this wonderful technique over in simply stitch three the other day and hers was stunning 

today i had to try it for myself...

standing at the window, holding it in my hand, turning it this way and that, happy with what i had done

i laid it on the worktable and as i picked up my rotary cutter to move it out of the way, i wondered what it would be like if i cut into smaller strips

i was in a dither for a bit, feeling an overwhelming urge to cut it yet afraid to make a mess of it...

finally i just picked up the cutter, held my breath and cut a narrow strip off
i loved it
really loved it

i wanted to cut it up even more and play around with it, but fear stepped in again and i've left it for now... i'd rather look at it tomorrow with fresh eyes and decide then

think twice, cut once

in the meanwhile i added some embroidery to one of the paper diamonds, to get a feel of how that might go

i like it but am not convinced

this playing i'm doing, trying out different things, i'm hoping it will help me make design decisions easier as i move forward with my diamond quilt idea 

i'm hoping...

did i tell you i bought another packet of diamond paper shapes and have been basting even more of them?

i really do need to have something of a plan in mind before i use them all up because i am not buying a third package unless i know i need it!

but in the meanwhile, i am having a wonderful time


suziqu's thread works said...

Hello Jillayne
I love the effect you have created with the strips. There must be so many ways and combinations to use them with or without the diamonds. My mind is playing with the right now!
The colors are so complementary!
I love those shades!
Enjoy and let yourself loose. I hardly cut anything straight these days and I believe there are no mistakes because all problems are solvable in some form or another!
Enjoy your experimenting!
Warm hugs,

FredaB said...

Suzy is sure right but sometimes it is so hard to cut into something you already love. We all have that problem. You were gutsy enough to try it and look how great it looks with your diamonds.

Dumb me I did not know you could buy diamond shape paper. Probably at a quilt shop I guess. I need to get out more.


Marj Talbot said...

I really like the embroidery on the diamond - that would add a nice touch - of course it's your piece so your decision. Can't wait to see more...........

Createology said...

Oh the joy of your posts and stitchings and colors is such peace. Your work is stunning and I truly do not think you could mess up anything my dear. Blissful...

Diane Kelsey said...

So glad you managed to have a fun day playing. It is amazing how it lifts your spirit. Love the work you are developing at the moment.

Suztats said...

So glad you're having fun playing in your sewing room! Inspiration strikes at any time. Remember to be fearless!
A 'mistake' is only one way to discover a new direction.......