Thursday, December 12, 2013

one step forward....

two steps back...

when i made the decision to take more time for my own creative interests, ideas flitted through my mind at a rapid pace... when you finally decide you can make anything you want, how do you choose?

especially when there are so many possibilities

and as always happens with thoughts, one leading to more, i found myself reflecting on all the creative pursuits i have come to love

 from there, it was only a hop, skip and a jump to thinking about where it all began... such a journey it has been

 i can't remember a defining moment, nor a specific craft

rather, it's more like a montage you would find playing out on a movie screen

zoom in on mother's button box...

...pan to my first and only sewing box

a birthday gift from when i turned seven

it sits on my work table, open, filled with all my various needles

it came with a metal embroidery hoop and a white cotton dresser scarf that had embroidery transfer designs at each end; baskets of flowers, to be stitched with pretty threads, the whole thing trimmed with scratchy yellow lace

i laboured over it for years...

 knitting at seven, patchwork at eight, sewing in eighth grade, crochet in ninth

and of course there were people... the ones who entranced me with the work that fell from their hands

the clothes my mom made for me... the pink and white poncho, the dresses

 my best friend jessie's grandmother that taught me how to bead and work with leather when i was seven and eight... all my allowance went to beads that year...

doug's baby mocassins made by a yukon elder
 muriel, the neighbour lady that sewed pyjamas for her daughters, embroidering wynken, and blynken, and nod on the yoke, singing with her beautiful voice the whole time

the patchwork quilt my mom made for me out of baby and maternity clothes;  muriel's mother showing me the right way to join fabric together when i was trying to make my own


  on and on it goes - a lifetime of memories, of people and of the things they made

inspiring me on my journey with needle and thread

and so my first "step back" will be to record those stories, using stitch and words to create a song-book of needle and thread

remembering the past, re-interpreting old loves with new techniques, combining and binding the past with the present, adding blank pages for the future

 my story, wrought with my own hands


Createology said...

Oh my heavens! This will be such a journey of your life and all the wonderful people who helped shape and nurture your love of hand stitching. Just reading your story is "goosebumps" and thrills me with delights. Joyful Bliss Dear...

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Oh I love this post Jillayne - you've put into words what I've often thought!
Talents past down to us by generations gone.
It's a beautiful story and well worth recording.

I'm in the throws of making a fabric and paper book about my very talented mother - she could turn her hand to anything and was always looking for the next challenge - just like you!

Don't forget to record your progress for us!

Deb~Paxton Valley Folk Art said...

What a wonderful project Jillayne, can't wait to see your progress! So wonderful that you had such great role models and mentors on your creative journey and what a wonderful way to honour them all. Merry Christmas to you and yours in case I don't get back before the big day! Deb

suziqu's thread works said...

Hello Jillayne
I'm sorry I've been absent for sometime but you probably know why if you've been reading my blog! What a wonderful post this is. I love that you are going to incorporate and interpret all of those precious memories into a song book of needle and thread.
It will be a keepsake that will last forever with so much personal history that you will be able to hand down.
What a wonderful journey it will be and I'm sure you will share it with us as you go along.
Have a joyful Festive Season dear friend,
I'll be back soon!

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Wow, what beautiful memories of your life with needle, threads, laces, beads and buttons. I am impressed and inspired.


Deb said...

Lovely post, you have put into words exactly how I feel as I am stitching up some new project, whether on needles, hook or with needle and thread. I often feel each person is with me along the way. I do hope you will post your next journey, you work is both beautiful and magical.

Marj Talbot said...

This is such a great idea - I'm wondering if it could possibly be big enough to hold all the memories??? I look forward to seeing updates of your "song book" of needle and thread - always such a delight to read your stories and see your creations. Thanks so much.

Dorthe said...

Such a beautiful line of happy memories from childhood till now, dear Jillayne.
I have not been that lucky to having been surrounded by so many people stitching and creating.
This memories are surely worth being a part of your song book , and will be such a gorgeous keepsake, for your kids ,too.
Happy work to be for you with this wonderful project.

Wendy said...

what a lovely idea. Such a good way to store old projects that are too sentimental to throw away

karen said...

''a song book of needle and thread'', such a beautiful concept. I hope you are mended?

Suztats said...

Beautiful! What a story it will contain! All your history with needles, thread and yarn, and all t he people who played a part in helping you to develop your skills. Fabulous treasure, Jillayne, from your memory, to your heart, and through needle and thread........

Diane Kelsey said...

Having trouble leaving a comment on this post.
It is such a shame that children are not being taught these crafts in the home or school much in today's busy world. Being creative is such a wonderful pastime with the added bonus of meeting inspiring and supportive friends. A great idea to record your journey. X

Anonymous said...

I miss those moccasins... I saw a woman here the other day wearing a parka just like your blue one and it made me so homesick!