Saturday, December 7, 2013

my goosebumps...

many years ago, when my daughter was a little girl in grade three,
she had a thing for the "goosebumps" story books

every scholastic book order, each time she had pocket money of her own,
if there was a new "goosebumps" book, she wanted it

after the third or fourth request i decided it was time for a sit-down
after all, there were much better stories for a young mind to feed on

her response was so uniquely her - insightful and thought-provoking in it's simplicity, and to this day, her answer comes to my mind very often when i query my own creative urges...

"mom! i read "good" books all the time! why can't i just sometimes read something for fun?"

she had me...

 these little critters are my "goosebumps"

not serious art

not enlightening...

nor thought-provoking

 but they are highly entertaining

and relaxing

thar mindless relaxation of making something that doesn't put one in a design dilemma dither

as they slowly come to life they each take on their own character

quite fun really, in small doses -  not what i want to be doing all the time, but now and again, a boatload of fun

having said that though, i am ready for a new voyage of discovery...

i've talked on this blog now and again about time - how do you get more, make the best use of the time you have, make hard choices when there just isn't enough to devote to all your interests and desires...

with the talking came the thinking

 and with the thinking came the deciding

followed most naturally by the purging...

understanding the simplicity of making room for the things you truly want

i've purged many things from this house over the past few months - remember my pre-holiday goal of 150 items? 
i'm over 200 now.... patterns, books, ornaments, dishes, clothes... stuff

because one thing i truly want is neat cupboards and closets!

i haven't just been purging stuff though

through a good amount of soul-searching i have finally come to understand what it is that i want my life to be, how i want to spend my time, what the distractions are, and what's been getting in the way

oddly enough, at least to me, my annual sale at my house was one of the first things that came to mind
much as i have loved doing it, i can see now how much time and effort it takes

and so i decided on the morning after, when i got up and was thinking how much i felt like it was new year's day - unfettered, free to make whatever i wanted, that i didn't want to let that feeling go

and so i am letting go of the annual sale,
heading out into uncharted waters, finding a new path, a new creative journey of sorts...

just thinking about it is giving goosebumps


Monica said...

You TRULY are a soul- sister, dear Jillayne! I was writing exactly the same in my email to you! In fact, I have decided the other day, and announced already, that my Handmade etsy shop closes its doors. How much I'd want you to be here just a stone's trow away, to discuss more in that tearoom (or by my fireplace, in the company of the Christmas glow and a good tea and cake- that's even better!):)
Monica xox

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Dear Jillayne ~ What a delightful post. Your critters are adorable!

I have to disagree with one statement of yours, and that is that your little critters are 'not thought provoking'. That was said right over the adorable snowpeople and what I feel from them especially the bigger one is LOVE.

We need joy and whimsy in our lives, we need to relax more. Sometimes it is very good to let go of things, of ways of doing things, and moving on in our lives.

I wish you a lovely Christmas and thank you for the love and support you have given me throughout this past year.

Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Jillayne, what a wonderful and thoughtful post. Beside the darling little critters you share, your heart is showing you the way to go. I love the sharing of the goosebumps story from your daughter's childhood. Little lessons you probably did not know you would pull from the past once again. Purging is so good for us to do. Freeing out with things that are cluttering us or making our creativity tighten.

You always post something that rings so true. Thank you for sharing. Wishing you a wonderful Sunday and may your direction be all that you need it to be.

Marj Talbot said...

Yes, goosebumps reading your post. Your every post gives me goosebumps - always so well written and the sharing of photos of your projects - so so enjoyable. You have chosen time for you and that is a good thing. You are not purging your present, just planning your future and parking the past. Thanks for all that you share with us.

Dorthe said...

Dear Jillayne,
your little critters are so sweet, and makes your home cozy and wonderfully filled with happy friends.
Your new desition on not having the christmas sale, this year, I SOOOO
understand, as that is also how I feel about now at last closing my shop (had it for 18 years) for good- turning the key this 22/12 and then I am freee,too just like you feel.
WELL done ,we should not be trapped in things done to be fun- when they are not fun anymore. You working too, and me soon on pension!!
Happy you made the desition for your well feeling.

Createology said...

Oh Jillayne Dear I am very happy that you have accomplished your goal and realized more than you knew before your sale. How wise of you to hear your daughter's words from long something just for the sake of fun! Your talents are many and I enjoy them and you so very much. You have worked your magic into cloth and character with these adorable "goosebump critters". P.S. I did hide my cheese but kept the mouse door open...just in case. You must feel lighter already with so much purging and your decision to retire your annual sale. Life's journey should be JOYFUL...not stressful! I shall look forward to your new creative journey my friend. Peace and Joy and Love!!!

Diane Kelsey said...

Loving your 'goosebump art', especially the last image. When you posted about decluttering and throwing out 150 items, I initially thought how could you possibly do that. But the following week, I decided to throw out 30 items per week. It was easy, and I'm still going! I haven't dared start on my sewing room yet, but over the Christmas break I'm going to make a start. Thank you for the kick start I needed.

Kate said...

Love those critters!

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Good for you sister. I'm glad you have listened to your heart. I love all your critters. I think they are thought provoking as they make for some wonderful and imaginative stories. Have a fun adventure. I'm looking forward to seeing where your path leads.

Bead and Needle said...

Okay - 200 items gave ME goosebumps - good on ya', gal! As for your other little goosebumps, they are a delightful lot - sometimes those goosebumps are a FABULOUS thing to have! Happy Holidays - loving my book! XOXO

Suztats said...

wrote you a long comment, and then blogger made it disappear.....don't know if it'll come thru......
Love your critters!
Shared my thoughts on your new changes.......wishing you many happy hours ahead.

FredaB said...

Time is a very special commodity so spend it on yourself. Sounds like what you are planning to do. Bravo.


Anonymous said...

And suddenly I feel so WISE!! Haha. Just doing a blog catch-up now and saw this for the first time. I can't wait to move in THREE WEEKS and do my own purge... and I am so impressed with yours! Sure the house will feel that much bigger when I'm there in FOUR SLEEPS!! Can't wait <3