Sunday, December 1, 2013

galaxy's end

yeah, i like stars

but i think even i've hit the saturation point these past few days

looking forward to moving on to something else - i have a strange hankering to draw mushrooms

fanciful mushrooms... the red ones with white spots, and other wonderful ones...

but in the meanwhile, here is the end of my little galaxy i have been working on

the piece above began sometime way back in the spring or summer, and i have slowly added to it, bit by bit

there was a great, yawning open space at the top left that begged for something interesting

nothing interesting came to mind until one day i had the idea to try my hand at embroidered calligraphy

inspired by all the monograms i have been drooling over of late

but more with fabric than with thread

I found an "s" design online and added the star detail to the strike-through

incorporating them into the other letters as well

continuity and all that

i like what it adds to the design - in hindsight i wish i had beefed up the smaller letters, either with a stronger colour of thread, or more strands

but it is what it is and i am done with fiddling with it

this happens to have been the fiddliest thing i have done in many moons

trying to get the letters straight 

twinkle, twinkle

 i could have kept adding little stars here and there and everywhere

and on a final starry note...

the star books are finished

 i love this style of book-binding!

my first time trying it and i am hooked
(yep, i've already ordered more book-board and waxed twine)

i am a junkie and paper is my fix

 but aren't they just so cool?

the binding is only half the fun - decorating the pages is the best part

this is most definitely, positively a technique i will be back at in the near future

but i can assure you, the book may make a star shape when opened, but there won't be a twinkle anywhere to be found inside...

and... if you're a fan of karen at todolwen blog, she changed her web address and can now be found here:

if you've never been, you really must visit her... she has the most wonderful tutorials, and is a very gifted artist... inspiring, kind and a wonderful spirit

and a talent for turning "old to new"



Mosaic Magpie said...

Wow! How cool is it the book binding creates a star as well!
The word Star you added to the top is me it is representing the One Star that out shone the rest. The capital S being that star and the rest of the letters being the other stars.
This piece is beautiful.

Suztats said...

That is a very cool book! Love your Star piece--so beautiful!

Dorthe said...

What a wonderful binding ....
the star looks beautiful, with all your gorgeous embroidered pages.
The star page is just stunning dear Jillayne,- you are so clever with your hands!!
Hugs, Dorthe

Createology said...

You are the Star Jillayne Dear. Your creative spirit and pursuit of making the most beautiful art is a Joy to behold. Fabulous show and sale tonight. Wish I could be there. Starry starry night...

Marj Talbot said...

This "star" is another that would be great framed. It's excellent - such a great job of stitching and adding calligraphy was a terrific idea. The star book is really different - good job.

lynn said...

i think your piece turned out beautiful... and i love that it is so delicate looking..
and those star books.. ohh my you are going to be making many more.. lol take it from me.. and dont forget you can make them into tunnel books.. where you cut holes in the pages... to let the other ones show or even a star shape cut out.. (hint hint)lol can be made with themed papers... for holidays or birthday with photos..
so many things to do
hope your week will be a great one
big ladybug hugs

Alisa said...

Oh, yes. Very cool!
And the fiddly star piece... so delicate and beautiful, like all of your work. Bravo!

Diane Kelsey said...

I love the star on your work and the way you have incorporated the word star into your piece. I made a book several years ago using the same binding technique. I loved the finished book and meant to make another, but have never got round to it. Thank you for sharing your book.

Wendy said...

as always, your work is completely unique and beautiful. I love the Star monogram and stitching and the star shaped book is a flash of inspiration!

JennyPennyPoppy said...

Your star piece is gorgeous and beautifully arranged and stitched. The star book looks super neat and I bet was a lot of fun to make. Thanks for the link.