Tuesday, October 29, 2013

some people....

there are some people who tend to buy their souvenirs ready made...

and then there are not

i am a "not"

i went with a list... and came home with it all

new and vintage lace

the new
from truro cornwall

the vintage
i have had a thing for monograms
since i was a very little girl

 such an elegant name-tag

i have been studying them for years and was thrilled when victoria magazine devoted a whole issue to them earlier this year

twenty-five years ago i bought a special piece of linen, thread and an italian cutwork book so i could make something monogrammed - i am almost ready to tackle it... but in the meantime i buy them when i see them and can afford it

more vintage
i found my vintage lace in york

english floral fabric


also from cornwall

i couldn't buy much of this, not sure what i am doing with it knowing i am allergic, but i loved it too much to leave it behind - i'm tempted to fringe it and leave it whole...


"glenlyon from aberfeldy"
the colours influenced by the surrounding glen (valley)

so said the charming young man in full highland regalia (he wore his kilt sooo well) who was curious as to what i would make with it

i told him i had no idea but that i would likely pet it every day until i decided

dark mother of pearl buttons from a charity shop in stow-on-the-wold

a tiny bracelet bought for 50p in a charity shop to be cut up for parts... now i am not sure i can bring myself to do it...

corset hooks from john lewis in london - a truly wonderful shop!

lace, also from john lewis

another bracelet from a charity shop bought for parts

teeny, tiny little polka dot buttons to make more of these...

vintage buttons from duttons for buttons in york

 this beauty was also bought in york

a pewter rose button purchased in inverness on the way to the bus station to go tillicoultry
i will always think of that day when i look at this button - it will have to go on something very special i think

from tourist information in dover, kent
i couldn't help myself - i love the red, white and blue
i really badly wanted to buy a length of flag bunting but it was just so expensive and by that time i had spent my budget - so i contented myself with these pretties and i'll make my own

and now, the shirt...

one thing on my list was men's shirting fabric

one thing on my to do list was to visit savile row
the geographic society was there, at #1 
(think mt. everest expeditions)

the beatle's apple offices at #3
(think their last live performance on the roof top )

and men's bespoke tailoring in the shops

there was just no time so it's at the top of my list for the next trip

i didn't come home quite empty-handed though

in a charity shop in stow, i found a brand new pin-striped one hundred percent cotton men's shirt

for only two pounds


i'll cut the buttons off and take it apart

that night in the b & b as i pulled the day's finds from my bag, marc pounced on the shirt immediately

he also knows a good men's shirt when he sees one...

"you bought me a shirt" he grinned

"ah, er... well, no i didn't"

"it's for fabric"

completely ignoring me he did his own version of tom cruise in risky business and fairly danced around the b & b, buttoning it up as he went

thankfully i had bought this size...

and it was too big!

fast forward to another charity shop in york...

and another just as nice plaid shirt, brand new, complete with tags

only three pounds

nicer buttons on this one
(i am a more discerning shirt-for-parts shopper now)

and thank heavens it was a small

so there you have it, some of my favourite treasures from our grand tour

i know i am not alone in not buying my treasures from foreign lands ready-made

as we passed through canadian customs i had to explain to the fellow there just what i had brought back with me

i got as far as fabric, ribbon, lace, buttons and he smiled, stamped my card and welcomed me home


Diane Kelsey said...

Welcome home indeed! Some great buys, did you manange to visit the Knit & Stitch show in London? I purchased some wonderful lace there, to make a cover for my daughters wedding planner.

Marj Talbot said...

And a huge welcome home - your treasures are wonderful. What's up with the heart? Is that a brooch? Better keep that one under lock and key. Those buttons - that lace - all too much to comment. You must have had such a great time finding all that you love. Now with the Christmas season around the corner, maybe a Canadian made shirt for the Mr.????? Thanks for sharing once again.

deanna7trees said...

oh such beautiful treasures. can't wait to see bits of them in what you will create.

Mrs A. said...

Each of your pictures have had me oohing and aring (have no idea how you spell this and spell check was no help at all) over your finds. I love the purple coloured button. Hugs Mrs A.

Dorthe said...

You got home with wonderful finds Jillayne, I would also never go for a tourist finished piece to bring home... but love all the bits and pieces you bought. The fabrics are wonderful!!

Deb~Paxton Valley Folk Art said...

Memorable finds from a memorable trip, welcome home Jillayne!

Createology said...

What lovely treasures you acquired on your adventure. Memories forever with bits and pieces you will use to make beautiful pieces of art. You really found some interesting items. I like your style of shopping. The badges are the only "touristy" things but look like lots of fun. Creative Bliss Dear...

Mosaic Magpie said...

Wow, lots of neat stuff! I love those dark buttons and the little angel too. I am wondering about the young man that wore his kilt so well....get any photos of that?
LOL and I have quite a mind picture of Marc dancing about in a too big shirt!

Suztats said...

Deb said what I was thinking! lol!
Lovely souvenirs! Looking forward to seeing how you use them.....

Wendy said...

You got some great souvenirs there! The Next shirt will be good quality, Next clothes are. The other one wasn't really a bargain. George is the brand of clothes made by Asda, a supermarket. They sell for about £6 new! It's also likely to fall apart... not to criticise, I dress in a lot of George clothes as it's all I can afford, but they do require mending often!
If you want anything else from John Lewis, we have a branch in Nottingham, just let me know.

Wendy said...

What a great haul! I don't know if I could take the first bracelet apart either, it is a great find.

Celestina Marie said...

Welcome home! You sure brought back some special treasures. Love the shirt story.
The monogramed linens are gorgeous. Have fun. Something tells me you will be busy creating away.

Bead and Needle said...

I do as you, on my trips - pick up treasures that I can use in something special later, to remind myself. You got a treasure trove, for sure...too funny about the shirts. It ALL ROCKS as hard as the London ROCKS buttons! Happy Halloween, Jillayne - Tanya

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Ooohhh, I love your stash!! And I laughed at your husband thinking he got a new shirt....I go to Goodwill and find GREAT men's shirts for projects and my husband thinks it is for him...so now, I have to buy at least ONE for him when I go to Goodwill so he will leave my stash alone!

Thanks for sharing your GREAT comment on my blog, I wrote a response and a request to you. I so enjoyed reading about your earlier years in marriage.

Big hugs to you