Sunday, October 27, 2013

oops...we did it again

way back at the beginning of our trip i did a post about meeting up with this lady...

monica is an artist of many talents living in the cotswolds and we spent a wonderful afternoon together touring the garden of an english manor house, sharing a wonderful lunch and then poking around in the charity shops at stow-on-the-wold

we both found treasures that day - mine was a man's shirt
(which i'll tell you about tomorrow)

her's was a soup tureen, platter and other pieces of china in a beautiful brown transferware featuring coloured pheasants and canada geese

so much fun...

when we were in the garden, standing on a raised section that over-looked the pastures and valleys below, monica surprised me with a gift

she gave me one of her original mixed media paintings

but this isn't just any painting...

this is the one that graces the pages of the november issue of somerset studio magazine!

what a wonderful surprise that was, and what a wonderful treasure it is

to view a close-up, click here to go to monica's etsy shop where she sells some of her original works, along with prints of others, like the one she has given me

she also has an etsy shop featuring her handmade scarves and hearts among other treasures

i promise you'll be amazed by her talent!

my beautiful butterfly


fast forward to several weeks later, way down in truro, cornwall

trundling in and out of charity shops, looking for a harris tweed jacket for the man
i stumbled upon three red transferware side plates

i have always loved red transferware and never found any - never even seen it in real life

three plates for three pounds 
too good a deal to pass up even if there were only three

carefully packed in bubble wrap, and even more carefully stowed, they were my most treasured souvenir...

that night i received an email from monica wondering how our trip was, where we had been, and telling me how she had unpacked and arranged the brown transferware bought that day in Stow, and how it would remind her of our special day

when i replied, i told her about my find, and that even though it wasn't brown, it was from a charity shop and would always make me think of her

and that we had decided to go back to Stow for our last two nights, before flying home

when we travel, we always like to end on a happy note so it's nice to be able to go back to a favourite place -  it's easier at the end of a long trip to be able to just get off the train, know exactly which bus to catch, where to get off, and where the b & b is
(yep, we went back to the same one!)

so when monica suggested we meet for coffee i happily accepted!

we got ourselves settled with coffee and cake (of course!)
and then a great smile stole over her face as she reached into her bag and pulled out a package, presenting me with a big box, beautifully wrapped...

and inside, were six red transferware side plates!

and in a separate package was a large dinner plate

i nearly fell off my chair!

she said she hoped i had room for them...

i would have thrown out my clothes to make room, but luckily marc had space and he took charge of all of them, getting them home safe and sound with nary a chip nor a scratch

such a gracious and generous gift!

she also gave me a little packet saying i couldn't open it until later, in the hotel room

on our first visit we were talking about the things we find whilst traveling, and how my pockets are like those of a child - rocks, sticks, plants etc. all seem to find a way into them
(i'm always afraid customs will find my stash and take it away...)

i mentioned i have often looked for the heart shaped rocks others seem to find so easily, but never have found one of my one

in fact, i looked everywhere we went - all my special places... the haworth moors, tillicoultry, culloden, cornwall... nothing - not a one

so i was incredibly touched when  opened the envelope and out tumbled these pretties

tiny, beautiful heart-rocks

wonderful gifts from a lovely person with a generous spirit

 my friend


oldgreymare said...

what a treasure she is <3

Diane Kelsey said...

Some very special gifts indeed!

Marj Talbot said...

Not only are these special gifts, the best gift of all is the beautiful friendship that has developed with two special people. I read your story with tears in my eyes - truly a lifetime experience. I almost feel I know Monica - love her as you - so thankful for your story.

Becca said...

What a lovely post Jillayne!

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Jillayne,
Oh what wonderful gifts from a talented and generous friend. Love your pics together.
The heart rocks are wonderful.
What a special memory you will treasures forever.
Have a great week.
Celestina Marie

Mosaic Magpie said...

How very special and what a great memory of your trip!

Suztats said...

A heart-warming post, Jillayne. What a giving spirit is your new friend.

Createology said...

You Dear Jillayne are a common thread of joy when you meet new friends. How wonderful to be able to spend time with Monica and exchange gifts. Red transfer ware is beautiful. Little heart rocks represent the generous spirit you and Monica share. Her butterfly is beautiful. Love your shorter hair my friend. You look so happy and beautiful. Gifts of friendship and traveling...memories forever.

Dorthe said...

So sweet photoes of you both, and such wonderful gifts you had, Jillayne- I just saw the artickle in Sommerset Studio, with Monica`s beautiful paintings, and loved it. The redware are so lovely, too,- and those heart rocks, OH you was spoiled dear , what a special meeting for you both !!
Hugs from Dorthe