Wednesday, August 28, 2013

it is what is...

i was supposed to be getting some small hand-work projects organized to take on the trip

and tidying up my sewing room... instead of making an even bigger mess and working on something
that i really shouldn't be working on...

time's a' wasting

but a healthy dose of inspiration from karen ruane in our simply stitch 2 class tossed those foolish notions right out the window

and i spent the rest of the day playing...

 pleated silk, old linen and lace

i'm not saying vintage any longer - i'm saying old... it's old, and that's what i'm calling it

i'm struggling these days with writing and words that gloss things over, make meanings vague, and fill pages with ambiguous innuendo

some of which is confusing to me

for instance, when did people start "passing" instead of dying????

I hear that all the time now, read it in newspapers

 no one dies, they pass

pass what?

i hear it and i think of monopoly and then i smile and then i'm embarrassed...

anyway, back to my old linen and lace

i'm trying to figure out a christmas card

with hooks and eyes for wreaths and stars

 and little bits and pieces, left over from bigger, grander things...

i want to embroider a word on the top left but haven't decided which one



then to trim the edges and attach it to a card

 i thought it would be quick and easy

but it seems i can angst over a small project just as easily as a large one - wanting to embroider just the right thing, using just the right colour thread, adding just the right bits and pieces

no matter how big or small

i will suffer the details until it's just so

and it can be as it should be

 and is what it is


deanna7trees said...

looks like your playing in a beautiful white cloud. words have never been enough for me to say what i want to convey. passed seems gentler on the ears than died. and vintage always makes me think of wine.

suziqu's thread works said...

Hi Jillayne
I know exactly what that is like when you are supposed to be getting organized for something and your muse has another idea which you just can't let go of.
That is the artist in you which must create when she is all fired up.
Your little piece for the card is gorgeous with the little hooks and eyes for stars!Love it!
Hugs from here,

Mosaic Magpie said...

I never realized how hooks look like tiny scissors...vintage/old vintage sounds more interesting, full of history and mystery, yet still having life left in it. Old sounds tired and worn out. I want to be vintage, not old.
BTW one of the small projects for your upcoming trip is what you are working on here! Your muse is talking, listen carefully!!!

Marj Talbot said...

I totally agree with Mosaic Magpie - I too want to be vintage not old. Vintage has a beauty about it where as old sounds like a toss out. Love your card to far - good use of hooks and eyes. Your card is looking REAL good - vintage turned into new - love it.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Your lovely work never ceases to amaze and inspire me. What a wonderful way to use hooks and eyes.

Your Christmas card is beautiful so far.

Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

karen said...

I'm delighted to be blamed for distracting you....if it results in beautiful work like this.

Dorthe said...

What a wonderful distraction dear Jillayne- I could easily end up doing the same ,even having planned something seriously other,to do!!
The card to be, is a little masterpiece, and so beautiful- I love all you are doing with embroidering it and the hooks are a great idea !!
Love all the stars!!

Createology said...

Yay for you playing dear. I love your hook and eye stars and snowflakes. With the lace and fabric bit and pieces background they are true bliss. I don't know where they pass but I do know I say that as a softer way than the harsh reality of dying. Maybe they do pass on to a better unknown. Love your stitching and if that is a mess then I want it too...all that glorious old fabric and lace and notion.

The French Bear said...

Gorgeous!! I love the stars and the snowflakes!
Happy travels,

Dortesjs said...

Your lovely work is amazing love itthanks for adorable inspiraton

Wendy said...

yay to calling a spade a spade. A year or so ago, I had no problems with the word vintage. Now it's everywhere, anything that's more than a day old can be vintage if you believe everything you read. I personally hate the world so it was lovely to read about old lace!