Friday, August 9, 2013

bah humbug!

lazy days of summer my foot

i am never busier than i am in the summer , and i don't care what all you fair-weather friends say - i like winter best

it's quieter, less chores, more cozy comfort time, oven dinners, reading at night... warm slippers...

so in an effort to at least feel cool, i am stitching stars and snowflakes

 i've added the last point to my star... vintage linen embroidered with running stitch and tiny smyrna crosses and simple cross-stitch

i'm liking it so far

i still need to add some white embroidery to the blue points and perhaps a little more blue to the white ones...
it's still a long way from completion and now i am even pondering removing the lace strip to the right... i think it's too wide and it overpowers everything else

 the embroidery i am adding to the one edge is only exacerbating the problem for me, as it makes it look even wider still

 the star i love though...

 i'm also puttering away at my calendar/schedule plans - there were some very good ideas in your comments... what i'm thinking of, loosely still, is using the top squares for the "chores" and the bottom squares for the "arts" and incorporating karen's suggestion of it being a design ledger - i love the idea of it being a visual and written record of my journey through each day

i think it would be a wonderful treasure to look back on - a true "day in the life"

i have also come to understand the importance of organization, discipline, freedom to experiment, controlling social media (including email), and scheduling - the benefit of a plan...

if i don't make a plan to make my dream come true, how will i ever do it?

and if i don't set a barrier for the rest of the world, it will surely continue encroaching, eroding the best of my intentions and enveloping me in all that it wants

slowly but surely my ideas are coalescing, and real and definite ideal is emerging
it will mean big changes, giving up some things i thought were important to me, finding a way to simplify - i'm not in a rush though - there's a holiday to enjoy, a sale to prepare for and then... a new year... a new slate

if scrooge could be reformed, well - then, so can i!


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Your star is lovely, a creation of hope and joy.

All things will work out. I need to get more organized.

Have a wonderful weekend ~ FlowerLady

Marj Talbot said...

The star is really nice - the stitching is great. I love your description of winter - less chores, more cozy comfort time, oven dinners........ as the summer days turn to winter blahs, I shall remember these comments and enjoy the quiet times by the fire. Thanks for sharing your project and your thoughts.

Karen B. said...

Dear Jillayne,

I love your star. Actually the entire piece you are working on is beautiful. Things will turn out just fine. Don't forget ...if something is meant to be ~ it will!
Many hugs,
Karen B. ~ Todolwen

Suztats said...

I love your star! It's ethereal and beautiful with the play of lace over and under....
Perhaps your other piece of lace might not seem so big if there were little stars holding it in place?
Wishing you well in your re-organization and planning.
I agree winter is quieter-- no gardening, no outdoor cafes and parties, fewer invitations to visit, fewer social activities, not as many daylight hours (so I don't feel I have to keep going until it's dark!) less traveling and sight-seeing.............

Createology said...

Now you have me rethinking my love of Summer and all the extra daylight. Your description of Winter and oven-cooked meals, cozy reading and stitching and less hectic days really does make sense and I will look forward to these. Summer is definitely not lazy and does have so many more demands with chores and friends and company and traveling and and and... This white cloth is coming along nicely. The star is stunning. Your stitches are such perfection. Peaceful days dear...may your plan bring you the simplicity and joy you are seeking! P.S. I would very much like to find that key to planning and simplicity.

Mosaic Magpie said...

I love the stitching you added to the last point of the star. The lace on the right is large but it balances the star in some way.
Warm wooly slippers and snowflakes falling sound wonderful!!!

Dortesjs said...

awww gorgeous star love your stunning work