Wednesday, July 17, 2013

sisters' quilt show - a lesson in colour - part one

hot, sunny, and a gentle breeze

the town of sisters, oregon, the outdoor setting for a wonderful display of quilts... 

a quintessential american town

1300 plus quilts, clothes-pinned to rope, strung through cuphooks, under the eaves

a brilliantly easy and casual way to display them

beautiful, colourful quilts

 thousands of people traipsing about the place, meandering back and forth across the main street and down the side streets, drawn by the flashes of bright colour that glowed against the weathered wood of the town

the quilts were hung early saturday morning for the one day only event

they were grouped by style, or by colour, with obvious thought to how they would be perceived collectively as well as individually

a true visual feast

quilts of every style and colour
and of every size

 the first quilts i came upon were of an ethnic slant - colourful and busy

 the vibrancy of the quilt with the two ladies really caught my eye

turquoise, pink, yellow and black are a fabulous colour combination, especially with a shot of a peach

i really loved this quilt!

 quilts were everywhere...

there were several of these free-standing frames in an open space between buildings

yes indeed, quilts really were everywhere!

 hung in clusters or hung alone, each one seemed to me that it was exactly where it should be

 the breeze blowing back corners every so often, adding to the charm of the outdoor display

 one of my favourite views - small ones hanging from the upper railing, larger ones below

as i was admiring the quilt below i realized i had bought the pattern and templates years ago!

the red wall of this building positively gleamed and the two quilts hung there were breathtaking on it - the one on the left was another of my favourites

brilliant pops of red and yellow calmed it down, adding unity, without reducing or inhibiting it's vibrancy in any way
it was truly gorgeous

 we wandered around until we just couldn't take in anymore

it was exciting, entrancing and oh, so inspiring

and as we wandered those streets, enjoying the show, we remarked over and over again about the deep, rich vibrancy of many of the quilts 
the saturation of colour in some of them was almost overwhelming

but as i took off my sunglasses to get a better look at one of them, the colours faded somewhat, settling back to a saturation that while closer to normal, appeared far less exciting than it had with my sun glasses on

i stood there for a minute, putting them on, and pulling them off... up, down, looking around - seeing if wearing them or not wearing them mattered when looking at other quilts nearby

the result was always the same - the quilts looked better to me with my sunglasses on...

 i laughed to myself, thinking of that old admonishment about looking at the world through rose-coloured glasses - might just not be such a good idea all of the time

i'm thinking that maybe the next time i'm choosing fabrics for a quilt, i'll be reaching for my sunglasses first!


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Thank you so much for taking us to this quilt show. What a delight it must have been to see for real. So much joy and color all around.

My three favorites were 1. the one with the two ladies, 2. the one in greens, diamonds and pinwheels and the one on the left hanging on the red barn.

I can see where you would get overloaded looking at all of these.

Yes, sun glasses do make a difference when looking at things, it's amazing.

Thanks again for sharing this show.


Createology said...

"I wear my sunglasses at night..."
You are very astute dear. When we are road tripping and I see the landscape as lush and verdant green I forget that my sunglasses do very much enhance the colors I am seeing. Viewing these beautiful quilts in such an outdoor natural realm really is an unique experience. Now I see why Sister's is such a destination for quilt lovers. Thank you for sharing your photos and walk-about...

JennyPennyPoppy said...

Marvellous photos and all those quilts must have been really something to see. Thanks for sharing!

Mosaic Magpie said...

All the people, fabrics, colors, sights and sounds!!!All so wonderful!