Tuesday, July 23, 2013

controlled chaos

sometimes things take me a long time to sort out

other times it's bing, bang, boom
(just like the song)

take for instance, this blog post title

"controlled chaos"

as i was signing in i was wondering what i would call this one... what would be relevant for the thoughts tumbling in my head that i want to put to paper (as it were)

and as i was moving the picture you see first from where it loaded farther down, i was thinking "control c" is the copy command

and "controlled chaos" jumped in and pushed that thought out

and just like that, a post title was born

these scraps of fabric are their own brand of controlled chaos

they're the irregular strips i got from trying to get the fabrics i wanted to use for my woven base on the straight of grain

i was going to throw them away but i liked the way they curled around, and the frayed raw edges - so i saved them and now i am using them to make flowers

 the littlest one above was made using only the loose threads - i twisted them together and coiled them around and around, tacking them down as i went with matching sewing thread

the middle-sized one was made by twisting the strips of fabric and then coiling and tacking them

the largest of all was done by smooshing the strips together, kind of pushing it back and forth and tacking down until a roundish shape emerged

i like the big one best but i have another idea for an even bigger one to try later tonight

 the picture above shows simple straight stitching across the top edge, and vertical straight stitches evenly spaced along the edge where the lace and linen join - more to come in this area

i just don't know what yet

it hasn't come to me and i know from past experience i can't force an idea

so far so good though, and it feels good to be doing someting

a while back, I was thinking about lists and how i apparently have a lot to learn about how to use them so the items listed actually get done

lists and plans

i have been thinking about that a lot lately - in fact i bought my very first e-book

the title had me at "manage your day-to-day"
but the rest of it was pretty good too..."build your routine, find your focus"

i am enjoying it very much, so many good ideas

but before i sat down willy-nilly and made a list of what i want to do, and when i want to do it,

 i decided to go through my days consciously thinking about what i wanted to do at an particular moment, and whether or not this was actually the best time for me to be doing it

in other words, when i stumble downstairs in the morning to check my email and read the news, is that really the best time for me to be doing that, or would my early morning be better spent doing something else?

this calender you see pictured here was purchased more than a year ago

it's like a calendar sketch book - very cool

so cool in fact, i was afraid to use it as i wasn't sure how to make the best, most inspired use of it

 what i really like about it (besides it being brown) is that it's a calendar that has one week on each page

 with an extra box below each day

at least that's how i see it

and it's my intention to plan my artistic endeavours for each day in those extra boxes

 i have tried so many different ways of organizing my time and art, but nothing works, or at least, nothing works in general terms all of the time

if i say "i'm going to sketch and paint every thursday", what happens when i suddenly find myself working, or wanting to go somewhere? 

no sketching or painting for a week then?

it's not like i'm inflexible, but if i'm going to make a plan, i'd kind of like to make one i can actually stick to

 and although it might be obvious to everyone else, it never was to me...

 my plan needs to be flexible with me

so now i'm making a list of what i want to do each week, what i want to block off specific amounts of time for, and then i'll sit down with my splendid-old-new-brown-double-decker-days-of-the-week calendar and map it out

i'm thinking my lists need a plan, and from the plans i can make the lists

and maybe the chaos of my days will finally have a little structure and order to them...

for whatever reason, that somehow seems to have become important to me now


KW said...

Love them all but I too love the big one the best......

Deb~Paxton Valley Folk Art said...

Your 'scrappy' flowers are wonderful Jillayne and your piece is coming along beautifully. I feel much as you about the 'chaos'; I often find myself spinning as I try to decide what to work on and what my priorities should be. The problem with scheduling is as you say, you may not feel like doing what you have scheduled for an allotted period of time, so any schedule must have a creative escape clause so you can pursue what your heart is yearning for at that moment in time. I wish you luck and if you find an answer, please let me know! Deb

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

I love your 'frayed flowers'. They touch my heart.

A wonderful, loving way to use scraps.


karen said...

this is a beautiful use of your scraps Jillayne....as for being organised, good luck. I try and always fail...maybe I don't try hard enough. I am thinking your calendar book would make a gorgeous ledger...

Mosaic Magpie said...

I too need a little...no make that a lot of comtrolled chaos. I like your ideas on making a plan. When I saw the double days of the week, my first thought was in the top what you had planned and at the bottom what you accomplish. I will be interested in seeing what you come up with...maybe will help me!

Marj Talbot said...

I personally dislike regimentation - like some people used to always do laundry on Monday, ironing on Tuesday, baking another day, vacuum and floors another - I prefer to do it when it fits my day. Of course that's the beauty of being retired - I can do it whenever I decide to. On that note, I'm off to vacuum the carpets. Good luck with your lists.

Createology said...

Oh the chaos of life is a difficult thing to manage...so I find. I like your ideas however. Plan, list, accomplish. It sounds very doable doesn't it? Your little scrappy flowers are wonderful. Who knew a wad of threads could make something so beautiful! I like the fact that the flowers are made from the same weaving cloth strips so they are one in the same fabric. Controlled Chaos...Ahhh...
May you find the magic key that your calendar shows on its cover. Great calendar by the way and I like Deb's idea of top and bottom.
Creative Bliss Dear...

Suztats said...

delightful flowers, Jillayne!
Best of luck with the planning. When I saw your 'double-decker' calendar, I thought at first that the top half would be for the morning, and the bottom half for the afternoon. Then I thought that the top half would be good for 'must-do' items, the bottom for 'want-to-do'. Then, I decided that if it were mine, I'd combine the two, and each morning would be devoted to must-do chores, and each afternoon would be for me and doing whatever I wished to do..........like creating or emails or gardening....... ;-D

Dorthe said...

Jillayne, your wonderful shappy flowers looks so beautiful, on your patchwork- they are all very lovely !!
About the chaos, I don`t know what to say!! --I never make plans apart from when to gracery shop, each week-which is alwayes thursday or friday,- and about what is in need to create for my shop --which means ,I`m alwayes sewing what just sold!!
I have plans with friends visiting and my dear family,- but apart from that ,I let my dayes come and go without planning too much!! as it seems I can almost never follow, what I planned, and that makes me more stressed, than NOT making plans!!
Does it make sence for you, my dear ??
Well I hope your beautiful planner will help you in filling your time ,with what you want, and what you need!!