Sunday, July 28, 2013

a few steps this way, a turn...

a change...

art imitates life

you think you need to go one way and then you realize you either don't, can't or shouldn't
so you try another 
and another

that's what happened with the square below

wanting texture without colour but unable to decide exactly how to go about it
so i did a little of the same thing a lot

art imitating life again

this piece is still a struggle for me - it has no direction, no focus, it just is

but i am past worrying about it - everyday i pick up my needle and stitch whatever strikes me first

another flower appeared, even bigger than the last, and now i like it the best

i have a hankering to make a really big one, but then i think it will make me want to remove the really small ones

which i can do

if i want - i can, but i like them and i really don't want to remove them... they just might not be the right thing though, right here, right now

 that's one of the beauties of hand embroidery - it's very easy to undo something

a snip and a pull and it's all gone away...

and speaking of going away - these books will be heading out soon

i finally finished all the christmas card books i have been making for blogging friends who decided to take part in my card-book swap

 this is just five of the fourteen i have made

 it would have been fun to stack them all together into one big pile but i would never have figured out which was whose afterwards...

 so i took five, made written and mental notes

and then stacked them up and took some pictures

fun to make them, though a definite challenge to keep it all straight 

stacks and piles of papers and fabrics and cards and buttons

i just made sure i always kept all the parts on the corresponding envelope, laid out all around the room

now i think i shall miss the envelopes as much as the books - they were like a lifeline, keeping me organized, bringing order to chaos

funny what we can get attached to huh?


suziqu's thread works said...

Well Jillayne this quilt is looking beautiful with all the colors blending together. Eventually we come to realize that all the over worrying wasn't necessary after all! Love your strips you turned into flowers!

And your Christmas books look so very beautiful. It will be hard to say good bye to them!

I'm currently creating a custom Christmas art book also with lots of lace and texture and it really is a challenge!
Hugs for now,

Marj Talbot said...

How exciting - 14 books huh - oh how I loved to make them - may do more when this move is finished. The fabric covers are lovely - such variety. The buttons add so much to them.
Your little quilt is looking good with the exquisite stitching you do - I think you should make that really big flower - doesn't have to go on this piece - but you never know. Thanks for sharing your great work.

Suztats said...

I love all the texture you've added to your square! It's enticing, and I want to feel it's surface undulating beneath my fingers......
The Christmas books look wonderful, and I can't wait to see how 'mine' has turned out!

Mosaic Magpie said...

What a tease you are! I am sitting here looking at those gorgeous books, wondering if one of the them is mine!!! I have my tent out by the road, to watch for the postman.
Your embroidery and will be beautiful, but I can imagine how you feel. We have some need for order and a plan, that a blank canvas does not offer. The process of stitching and filling will be a learning experience for you. A bit like listening to the wind for advice. I am certain it is there in your hands and thoughts....stitches wanting to worked and designs unknown before, waiting to be seen.
xo Girlie,
Now I am going back out to my roadside tent...where is that postman!

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

I love this quilt that you are working on. It is lovely and soothing to me.

Jillayne ~ thank you for your kind comment on my blog and for your lovely email, which I will answer later.

Happy Creating ~ FlowerLady

Createology said...

Your stitches are so subtle and yet so perfect. I can't imagine you taking any of them out. Oh! My! Merry Christmas Handmade Book Journals!!! These are uber fabulous. You have clearly outdone yourself my dear. You are an angel my friend!!!

Wendy said...

so exciting! the books look amazing and I always love watching the progress of your cloth

Mrs A. said...

I saw the book that you made for Sherry. Such a brilliant idea. Hugs Mrs a.