Saturday, June 22, 2013

summer school

only one picture to show you today of my project from karen's latest class - this cloth is moving forward, slowly

i appliqued more "hexagons" and then using the same shape, outline stitched a few more - next up is to start adding in the embroidery

so far, i am liking this quite a lot but i am still not sure what it will be

and i'm not sure why i seem to think it has to "be" anything

maybe it just is....

one of the best things i learned in my early days of needlework was the value of a sampler

and when i teach a needlework class i suggest each student first work the stitch on their sample cloth before they add it to their project - a very smart way to work out the mechanics of a stitch without having to worry about "ruining" anything

i studied those early samplers for a course i took through the embroiderer's guild of america back in 1991, and was quickly entranced with the idea they were a visual record of the progression of skill of an embroiderer

highly prized by collectors and museums, those earliest of samplers weren't done in the pictorial style of the early american samplers

they evolved from the belief a sampler should showcase a needleworker's skill level, rather than detail the progression of it

I like the original idea best.... and it is my sincere hope to see at least one of them whilst on our travels through the uk this fall

i feel like a cat on a hot tin roof sometimes, when i think about our trip

hopping from a literary tour to an art history tour and side-stepping into a tour of architectural wonders

i've been reading up on dickens (and there's a new post up here telling that story)

and william morris

brushing up on poetry - i studied english literature in high school and loved it so much i scoffed the text book (it was with the teacher's permission so not as bad as it sounds) - and so glad i did as it not only has the best poetry of each period but also discusses the social, political and economic history of each period

and then there's the architecture....

but i am digressing and if i am ever to get anywhere on my list of things to learn about and brush up on i had best get busy

summer school indeed!


Marj Talbot said...

Your trip sounds like a great experience, one that will be filled with tons of memories. Will you take a bag to hold all the treasures you find? Lace, tartan, etc.etc.etc. I can't imagine. So exciting. Our European trips were just 3 weeks long so 5 weeks sounds like a great time.

Mosaic Magpie said...

I am delighted by how excited you are for your special trip....really a trip that has been years in the making...and to think it all started with an ill gotten textbook! LOL, I am certain the teacher was only too pleased to have someone in class that actually WANTED a textbook!
Love the little hexie!

Kathy MacKie said...

Really love the fabrics you used are they Japanese Taupes?

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...


I read a comment by you, elsewhere... that you will be going to England in the Autumn. Oh lucky you!!

The English Countryside... Who doesn't want to wander, there? :-)

In the NE of the US

Heather said...

You will love your trip... I myself was born in Scotland, and there is nothing like the history, the architecture, the stitchery, the food, the folklore... sigh! You certainly got some lovely fabric and delicious embroider threads in your latest "shopping spree", and like me, you'd rather be playing with fabrics and threads than spring cleaning, but that's what I've had to be doing lately too! LOL! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I don't make much time for it in the summer, but the rain has helped! LOL! Cheers~

Createology said...

Your hex cloth is really showing some personality. I would love to take any class from you with your excellent teaching skills and techniques. Blissful Stitching Dear...

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Being a beginner sewer again, I am admiring your tight and neat seams.... ;-) I am feel like I could do a lot better in that department lol.

Have fun and can't wait to hear about your trip!

Big hugs

karen said...

this doesn't have to be ''anything'', like you said it just ''is''. Perhaps though it could be a tiny comfort cloth for your hold in your hand as you travel maybe? To have on your lap, to know that it's there travelling with you.