Friday, June 14, 2013

roger says it best...

"engeland swings like a pendulum do..."

my dad played that song by roger miller on his reel to reel cassette recorder when i was four and i loved it!

"bobbies on bicycles two by two" sounded like something fun,  and i wanted to see the "rosy red cheeks on the little children" so badly
(the only time my own cheeks have ever been rosy was when it was -40 in the yukon!)

when i was 8 i remember telling my grandfather, whose parents emigrated from scotland just before he was born, that i wanted to go to england and scotland and see where our families had come from

it was a wonderful chat and it ended with him giving me a ten dollar bill to start my trip savings

((i put it in a book on the bookshelf in my bedroom for safe keeping and never saw it again... - i still shake out the encyclopedias now and again, hoping...)

when we were first married there was talk of travelling to the uk

i remember my excitement at purchasing 35 pounds to start the saving process again... but jobs and mortgages and babies came along and the pounds were changed back to canadian dollars...

but finally, a life-long dream is about to come true, thanks to this young man

five years ago our son doug participated in his first ever triathlon right here in salmon arm and this september he will compete in the world triathlon race in hyde park, london, england 

 and we will be there to cheer him on!

we are so very proud of him... there are just no words...

for those of you that have followed my blog for some time you will recall that he also qualified for the world triathlon race in auckland, new zealand last year

university committments and the high cost of getting there just didn't let it be possible so he did the next best thing - trained hard and qualified for the london race this year

doug and his partner claire
 we are over the moon excited to be able to go and see him run (and bike and swim!) and spend some time with him seeing the sights

and after the excitement of the race and london are over, marc and i are heading off on an adventure of our own - a five week circle tour of england and scotland

starting in the cotswolds and working our way up and around

my mind is a jumble: william morris, jane austen, charlotte bronte, wordsworth, byron, beatrix potter, robbie burns, dickens, tea and scones, gardens and castles,old books, natty sweaters, but most of all, 

moors and bracken

tartan and pipes

my great grandparents used to love coming to the yukon to visit but it made them sad too - it was much like home, they said... 

and so i am going to scotland, to tillicoultry, to their home

for them and for me
(and i bet i'll cry!)

 i'm already saving pounds and making lists

lace, woolens, tartans, old books, chintz, spode, and one of these:

a genuine bonafide mason & cash bowl pudding bowl!

"oh to be in england..."


oldgreymare said...

How wonderful for you!

Angela Richardson said...

Hi Jillayne,
I'm so pleased you will be in the UK this autumn.
Coffee would be nice if you have time, maybe in Covent Garden??
Sound like a wonderful trip and so nice to see your son compete.
Sending you smiles,

Mosaic Magpie said...

What a wonderful adventure you will have! Saving those pounds is a good thing, just don't save them in a book!
All the wonderful things you will be able to find there... it will like going to the quilt show on a grand scale! LOL take the extra suitcase!
In my excitement for your trip, I forgot congratulations are in order for your son! What an accomplishment!

Wendy said...

congratulations to your son, what an amazing young man! I hope England doesn't disappoint, it is a world away from Jane Austen and Beatrix Potter...

karen said...

oh my...that's wonderful!! Now England ready for you????

Diane Kelsey said...

Don't forget all the lovely threads you will be able to buy.

Createology said...

Your son is very handsome and Claire is adorable. Congratulations to Doug for his exciting and huge accomplishment to race in London this year. As for your trip...WOW!!! When you have a dream and you save and work hard then your dream can come true! I have never been where you are traveling and look forward to all of your journaling and photos upon your return. Congratulations to each of you...

Suztats said...

Wow, Jillayne, it sounds like a fantastic adventure! No wonder you're excited.

Something Special said...

Oh how very exciting. I am of Irish and Scotish decent, and my husband spent two years in England before we were married. We have always wanted to go back too. But like you babies and school and mortgages came along and we have never been able to get him back there either. I am envious of your trip, but excited for you none the less and good luck to your son on his triathalon.

Celestina Marie said...

So happy for you to be going on your long time dream trip to England.
Best wishes to your son on his race. I wish you all many blessings in this well deserved time in your life.
Happy Sunday

JennyPennyPoppy said...

Oh how wonderful for you and your family. What an adventurous time you will have seeing so many fabulous sights. Congratulation to your son competing in the world triathlon race in London!

Karen said...

I am so happy for you! You will be on an adventure of a lifetime. Congratulations! (I ADORE your memory quilt!)

FredaB said...

Jillayne this is wonderful news about your son. Will have to be watching for it if any of it will be televised here. How proud you must be.

What a wonderful trip you have in front of you. I am so envious. We have done it quite a few times and enjoyed every bit of it. Bed and breakfasts are the best way to go. You meet such wonderful people.

When I saw the pudding bowl I ran right to my cupboards to see if My Mom's old bowl was this name and I can't find it. I know I would never have otten rid of it. It has to be here somewhere. I will be on the search. I remember her making the Christmas puddings in it wrapped in cheesecloth. Good old days.