Monday, June 17, 2013

catching up

 so now the dust has settled somewhat, i have got back to the card books

cutting pages for the papers, folding them, clamping them

and even making them....

above and below are samples of the pages i made with the paper doily karen b. of todolwen sent me along with her cards for the swap

 and button chains!

i need 28 of these (i think!) and have just completed the tenth one - they are a fun and relaxing thing to work on in the evenings when i am feeling tired - simple yet still creative, and each time i finish one, i am sure it's my favourite

 beads, buttons, charms - any kind of bauble really - they all look so nice together and when they're tied on the spines they'll add a sense of whimsy to the books

i found some panel fabric at the shop i thought would be perfect for part of the covers but now i have it at home i think it might be too big.... so it seems you're each going to receive your book in a little bag.... it's amazing to me how quickly a new idea can form once you let go of an old one....

in other news -  i have started a new blog...

i'll still post here, as i have for many years

so many times though i thought of things i wanted to post about but they just didn't seem right for here - this space is for my creative endeavours

i wanted something for my thought-full ones

i set it up a while back and then pondered the whole idea 

realistic-ally and logistic-ally

and finally decided i can manage both - i think!

anyway, it's called "yesterday's grace"

and my thinking is, it will be a place where i ponder things i think about

about how we can live in the world today; a world that reflects the best of the way things used to be along with the hopes of how they could be

i hope you'll stop by...


Createology said...

I am thrilled to be able to enjoy double Jillayne Joy!! Your books of cards will be amazing. Love the little crocheted buttons and charms strings. Thank you dear for sharing your wonderful words of wisdom with us. Blessings...

Mosaic Magpie said...

I was so carried away by your new blog, I nearly forgot to leave a comment here. Those button chains are the cutest ever! The paper is lovely too!

FredaB said...

Can't wait for our Christmas books.
Especially now you are giving us sneak peeks.

Have to go have a look at the new blog.


Dorthe said...

Hi my dear friend-
Such beautiful book pages, you made with the doilies!!
The button chains are so wonderful, too- and so sweet, it will look lovely on the books !
Congratulations Jillayne with your new blog, I will go visit later :-)
I send you many hugs,

Dorthe said...

Jillayne I can see you have posted 2 more times, while I have been away, I will be back to read and comment ,one of the coming dayes, dear !!
Hugs from Dorthe