Thursday, June 20, 2013

a puttering kind of day...

today has been a happy, puttering kind of day

yesterday i thought our town would drown from all the rain we had - i've never seen it rain like that here - in fact, i've never seen it rain like that anywhere...

thankfully nothing serious except the highways all around are closed because of mudslides

and as it was far too wet outside still today for any kind of yardwork, i stayed warm and dry inside and worked on a few things...

below is the start of my sampler i'm working on through karen's simply stitch class

it's a "we're a fly on the wall watching her work" kind of class - so my project is completely different from hers, excepting of course that there is fabric, thread and stitches involved

over-lapped cretan using over-dyed thread

i started out with a piece of cloth i bought in calgary last year - i'm not certain if it's evenweave, but it behaves like it is!
what i do know is that is rough and slubby and reminds me of a coarse linen - i think it's only cotton - anyway, i like it, so i'm using it

i marked it off into three sections - don't ask me why - i don't know

but three sections it is

 hopefully i'll think  of a brilliant reason why soon enough

herringbone and straight stitch
 once i basted the dividing lines i decided i would stitch them decoratively as well - herringbone and straight stitch for one and over-lapped cretan for the other

the patchwork shapes are basted onto papers a la english paper-piecing and for this i am using my yarn-dyed plaids and some purple fabric... i love the softly faded look they have

so far two are sewn down and now i am playing around with the rest trying to decide how to arrange them

what i am wanting is some kind of lay-out with fabric shapes but also some spaces that are stitched around but no fabric applique - "blanks" if you will, or "negative space" might be a more accurate way of putting it

and in those blank spaces i will sample some stitches

at least that's the plan

 today i set that aside while i think on it a little and instead set to work on the signatures for the books

folding and cutting and choosing and arranging

playing all day with pretty papers

twelve are sorted out now, all in neat little stacks, arranged as i want them to be when you open your books and flip through the pages

 three are clipped; pinched tight to compress them - you get a better book if you do that but each has to sit for twenty-four hours and i only have three sets of clips...

 there's something about the process of making things that i really like, that knowing of how it will be but it isn't quite

a book that isn't a book yet, but has glimmers...


Diane Kelsey said...

I have just signed up for a Button BOM with Lynette Anderson. It has EPP as part of the design, but I'm just thinking I need some plaid fabric. Your sampler is already looking interesting, love the idea of over lapping stitches.

Createology said...

I missed this post but am so glad I see it now. Your work is always such a peaceful serene process. The tones you work in and the subtle stitching with soft colors is pure bliss. I wish you were here as I would share clips with you...let alone arrange, fold and stack signatures; cut fabrics, stitch samplers and on and on and on till there is no more light. Happy Hearts are Creative Hearts...