Thursday, May 9, 2013

a time out

and an out of time...

my time out involved putting aside my class and quilt show projects and getting my samples done for my upcoming "adding embroidery to your quilts class"

i first started combining the two about 15 years ago

crazy quilting was where i began, using beautiful and richly coloured velvets, satins, brocades and such

and then i moved on to crazy quilting with only ivory/cream cottons and pale, pale embroidery thread

next came traditional piecework with embroidered seams

now it's free-style embroidery, taking motifs and designs from your fabric

playing with line and filling combinations

diligent as i tried to be, working away on stitch samples, my eye kept straying to the table, where my lace project lay.... it was only half-tacked when i showed it to you

a glance or two, and then i was playing with it.... folding a piece this way, tucking a strip that way

coaxing open spaces, and overlapping for added texture

 getting more distracted by the minute, i finally gave in and played on my machine for a while

i can't remember the last time i learned something new and loved it this much

the merest bit of lace can add the most amazing detail

 the only trouble with this is that i like it so much i am really afraid of messing it up with the needlework embellishment

it's making me think i really should make another one - you know, a not as nice one, that i won't be afraid to mess up - something not even remotely pretty.... 

do you think that's even possible with lace????


Carole Sidlow said...

I think ANYTHING's possible with lace! Your work is beautiful - Happy Mother's Day...Carole

Mosaic Magpie said...

With lace in her hands,
her heart began to sing,
her soul awakened and
her needle would bring,
a masterpiece of stitches.
Sing my sweet friend, sing.

Marj Talbot said...

Good idea to start another one. hen you can try different things - maybe start several???
I love the poem above - suits to a tee.
Have a great weekend and a Happy Mother's Day.

Becca said...

Love your embroidery work! The lace is stunning! do such lovely work. Have a fun weekend Jillayne!

lynn said...

i love all the ideas you have.. and think you should just let your fingers soar through all the beautiful textures and designs and just let the magic happen .. you are too hard on yourself.. love the little stitched flowers.. have a wonderful weekend and a specially love filled mothers day .. you deserve it..
sending big ladybug hugs
lynn l

karen said...

trust me, you won't mess it up. You will make it even more beautiful and you will love it even more.

Dorthe said...

OH Jillayne, how very beautiful, I love it just as much, I think, as you do!! It is truly lovely- and will not be spoiled from your stitching I`m sure!
BUT your sweetly embroidered flowers are so wonderful ,too-
Very different creations, but both to love!!

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Jillayne your lace cloth is exquisite. I think you have found your calling making spirit cloths - won't they make the most wonderful heirlooms too.
I am hoping Karen repeats this class next year which is when I will have the time to put into it - I can see you are juggling so many projects at the same time... how do you do it?!
Shane ♥

BumbleVee said...

hahah...yeh....good luck with that...