Thursday, March 14, 2013

TFQ(cqp)= 2(work) +1

that translates into
The Frost Queen (crazy-quilt project) equals twice the work of one project

everything i have done, i have done at least twice
except the stream which is on it's third incarnation

when i dreamed up this idea i decided i wouldn't piece it on a foundation the way you usually do - i'm doing a scene, in a make-it-up-as-you-go kind of fashion so that doesn't really lend itself well to piecing on a foundation - 'lessin' you want to draw it out first
(which i didn't)
{but maybe i should have!}

instead i pieced it in sections: sky, palace, rocks, snow, and sewed the sections together as and when it seemed fitting
then i unpicked most of them and did it again
and sometimes again

the first palace looked more like a mud hut - now it's much leaner and closer to what i had in my mind's eye, arches and windows that will be etched with frost, with the fabric starting the work for me

and when i had it all done i taped it up, pinning on the stream i had crazy quilted on tissue paper, and i realized i had a bit of a problem

i had pieced some darker fabrics into the snowy foreground area, adding them randomly to create shadows

and now realized i had inadvertently pieced in a perfect echo of the stream - i could not have done that if i had tried - in fact, the whole reason i was appliqueing the stream was because i had thought it would be downright impossible to piece it in

silly me

there were a few options for fixing it , and it was decided i would applique a lighter piece of silk fabric over top of one of the offending sections - and it worked!

here's the corrected version,  with the stream slowly being fitted and curved into place

in the early days i did think it wrong to applique the stream on top of the background - the background really should come over the stream

see how it "sits on top"?


that idea came with a whole different set of logistical problems
so in my usual fashion i ignored it and kept on with the rest

but now the rest is taken care of and it's time for the stream
as i was working on it today i kept going back to the notion i was doing it the wrong way around
but dreaded the thought of cutting the background from underneath and peeling it away, folding the raw edges under and appliqueing it on top

 i know me well enough to know that when something is nagging at me like this it will never stop
and that i am better off to at least try it and see, even if it means hours more of work

so i removed the basting threads at the foreground, re-basted a little farther from the edge, cut the background fabric, pulled it from underneath, folded under a seam allowance and appliqued it on top of the stream

 and in this photo you can hardly tell!

in real life you can definitely see the difference, but not so much here...

so now i am thinking about doing the bottom part like this, background on top and leaving the upper portion as it is, with the stream appliqued to the background

all of the edges (the stream banks) are going to have stitching, snow, rocks and boulders, shrubs and driftwood so there will be be  nowhere that you actually see the seam

i'm not afraid of the work of changing it now but i'd rather not if i don't have to - i want to get to the fun part!

and all this beautiful, textured fabric is crying out to me to embellish it with trees, and snowflakes, and ice-crystal flowers

not mess around with the stream for a fourth time!

what do you think???


Stacie said...

I say call it good and start on the embellishing especially since the stream edges will have everything you are going to add to their banks anyway. As long as it won't nag at you anyway! This is gorgeous and I can wait to see it progress, how fun!

Marj Talbot said...

I agree - embellish - can't wait to see more. It's a work of art. You will have many more ideas as time goes by. I will stay tuned....

Heather said...

Oh my, I love fairytales!!! This work is going to be stunning (not that it is not stunning enough already in concept!), and I cannot wait to see it as it progresses through all of its changes with embelishments! Lovely! Cheers~

oldgreymare said...

I think.... that you are working very hard....and dedicated more than I could be <3

Createology said...

Your design and elements and fabrics and layout amaze me. I do not think I would be so dedicated to unstitch and restitch sew much. Everything is beautiful and your vision is coming to fruition. I am entranced with your process. Eight days of lonely bliss to do whatever whenever you like...Oh Yeah! Happy Hearts are Creative Hearts...

Mosaic Magpie said...

When I run into a similar situation, where something is nagging me to fix it....I need to fix it or the project loses it's appeal to me. That being said, in this case I really think your embellishments will take care of the stream being on top or underneath the bank. I say leave it alone and get on with the fun stuff. I really think you will be happy with it once you start laying the embellishing stitches in.
I like all the varied shades that add the shadows.

Appleshoe said...

I've only ever started one quilt before in my life. I think I'm on year 9 now so you are worlds ahead of me. I think it looks lovely and am excited to see how this project grows. Take care.

FredaB said...

i Jillayne

I think you are over thinking it. We all tend to do that in CQ. I would just start the embellishing and you will find that it fixes all your problems. It is going to be a beautiful piece of art,



Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Embellish away girlfriend. It's going to be awesome!

Jackie said...

Once you start to do something else to the quilt, it will come to you and the ideas will i would say start on something else and it will hit you like a thunderbolt, and you will be on a roll again! That is what works for me!

karen said...

well you know what I think....and the rest of the group and I am now going to ORDER you to stop worrying about this. You are delaying the fun part!

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Way out of my league...but I love fabrics and design and all I know is that when I clicked on the photos I fell in love and whatever you is already very fabulous!

Thanks for visiting me as always a pleasure to hear from you.

Big hugs