Monday, January 7, 2013

on being resolute...

true to my word i've been tidying and purging
i haven't made it in to all the corners, closets or cupboards but i have attacked a few
one of which was my works-in-progress bin

my nemesis

i really do finish lots of things... i just have this one teeny tiny little problem... 

i LOVE starting things!


case in point - above is the beginnings of my third section for the embroider, embellish, create workshop wrapping cloth

i can't resist working on it even though i already have two other sections in progress

 below is the first one i started...
 i chain stitched the heart in one empty space and did the patchwork hexagons in the other 

love, love, love

 more lazy daisy flowers and french knots in the open section next to the heart

it's nowhere near finished yet but i need to set it aside and think about what's next - i like how it's looking so far and don't want to wreck it!

when i cut out the pieces for the hexagons i added a little bit of embroidery here and there before basting it to the paper shapes
after it was appliqued down i added the french knots along the edges

it's like a little wreath...

 when i work on this i am so enthralled with the process

hate to put it down, itch to get back at it

i want everything i do to make me feel that way

 today i was working on an unfinished quilted wallhanging, still in the piecing stage but then this afternoon i finished that part and was ready to get at the applique

72 flower petals


and i realized i didn't like it at all
didn't really like the pattern, completely disliked the fabric
can't even remember why i felt so compelled to make it in the first place...

now it seemed like such a huge waste of time, a waste of spirit, when there are so many other things to be creating

wonderful, inspiring things
finger-itching-twitching things

i left the patchwork on the floor and kept coming in and looking at it
it never did get pretty
or interesting
so i pitched it

i pitched it because i knew i would never finish it... whatever spoke to me that made me want to start it had firmly shut up 

and i realized then and there that i had made a resolution for this year all

i want to seriously think about each project i begin so that i can bring the same commitment and excitement to the finishing of it as i do to the starting
i want to have only what i need for the work i want to do
i want to experience a lightness of space in my studio, with room to breathe

i want to be rid of what i want to be rid of
and finally,

i want to support other artists instead of feeling like i need to make it all myself!


Bead and Needle said...

You amaze me...these are beautiful! And, I've been purging myself...your comments about the patchwork you pitched could have been written by me, the past month! I feel guilty, but then it feels so good, once it's gone - yes, I've pitched a LOT the past month and have a LOT more to go! Cleansing is good. XOXO Tanya

Brynwood Needleworks said...

What a lovely post, Jillayne. My resolution this year involves purging and making space, too! I want more breathing room...more openness to give my brain room to breath. Oh. That, and getting my Christmas gifts completed by October, too! lol We'll see how I do on both counts.
Thanks again for the inspiration.
Happy New Year!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Jillayne,

Your work is exquisite and know how much you must be enjoying your work.
I too have been trying to get organized and declutter some of my things.

Happy new year and best wishes for a wonderful 2013

Tina Eudora said...

What a wonderful post Jillayne! I have struggled with the same issues and have often asked myself if it was the project, the process, or my willingness to finish something that was the problem. Like you sometimes I just have to get rid of the project or I become blocked and can't receive new inspiration while the "old" thing is sitting there staring at me! I also am planning for a 2013 that will include new ways of looking at things and taking time to enjoy other artist's work!
Have a happy creating day Jillayne!
Tina xo

Shirley said...

Good Morning Jillayne, I have so many projects started, but eventually do get some more of them finished. It can be amazing that when we think something is horrible and don't like it somebody else thinks it is beautiful. I think I have more patience to do things right now. It gives me other things to think about. I enjoyed your post this morning and thanks for stopping by. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

The French Bear said...

Yes it sure seems like it's time to clean up......i took karen's course too and i haven't made my cloth because i wanted a clean room to start in! guess i will follow your lead.....your cloth is beautiful so far, i love the noel, do you plan on taking her alchemy course? i know it's starting already.....

KW said...

I read "clarity" between the lines of this post. Good for you. I for one appreciate your support.

Wendy said...

Your cloth is beautiful, good for you on deciding to only work on what you love.

Dorthe said...

Your white piece is a dream Jillayne, so beautiful, with the embroidered little things and the hexagons..I so understand this is a work of love!
So you just pitch and get rid of what will never become a work of love- or a piece finished with joy!
I will try to do the same, this winter in my working room,--also with fabrics I know I will never use,-but feel I can`t throw out as they are ok ,and could be used for.............
NO -out with them also...
You are right, and time is to get more space and place.
Hugs and love,Dorthe

Diane Kelsey said...

Last year at my quilt group we had a lecture by two ladies that that were working on a project looking at UFO's' and 'un finish able projects' The latter led to lots of discussions as to why a project doesn't get completed. Some because, you not longer like the fabric and/ or project. Others are inherited with patterns or threads missing, so you can't finish them. Whatever, your reason, sometimes we just need to accept that a project will never be finished, they can be donated to groups who make quilts for charity, cut up to use in other projects or just put aside as a sample piece.
Love your white work embroidery, especially the inclusion of the word Noel.

Mosaic Magpie said...

Amen my Sister! Well said, I too need to let go of projects I will never finish. I have been thinking of having a good clear out. I save so many things, that maybe one day I will more! If I have to go out and buy something, instead of finding it in my stash, for my next project will that really be such a bad thing? There will never be enough time or energy for me to make all the things/ideas that spin around in my head, so why keep all this stuff around.
Thanks for the inspiration!

Suztats said...

You said it!
I want to bring my total attention to everything I create, to be present with every stitch. I want to be enwrapped in the work, and enthralled by the results. This is my meditation.

Createology said...

Such a powerful post. I completely understand how you want and need to feel the passion for the things you create and the time you spend. Doing something just because we thought we should is not reason enough to do it. And our feelings and desires can change from time to time. Purge and be free of the stuff...I should listen to what I just wrote! Your embroidery work is breathtaking my dear. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...

Alisa Noble said...

Yes! That is how it should be.
So why does this not just naturally occur?
Getting too caught up in too much of it all, is probably what happens to me.
Good for you, Jillayne.

Karen said...

Thank you! I needed to hear your thought on this! I have a pile of things I've started over the years and put aside for various reasons. I have felt so guilty about them! I am going to make time this year to go through them and PURGE the ones I don't LIKE anymore! I think I needed to hear someone say that it was okay to get rid of them. I needed PERMISSION! Silly me!

Cheryl said...

I love to start things too.... I have little tiny mini baskets of "works in progress" sometimes I just have to stack them one on top of another--- so I can start something else lol Its a sickness lol
big hugs,

Heather said...

Jillayne, I popped over from a mention by Jen at Muddy Boot Dreams... this post just resonated with me, I too love to start things... and I too need to "stash" is worse the last year from having open and closed a fabric shoppe! I am going to have to be brutal, but, like you I love colour, and recently I just couldn't resist, with all the fabric I have, I just had to find some more I liked (and bought, egads!)... thank you, I'll be visiting again! Cheers~